How the 1960s Shaped the Modern Technology Landscape

The 1960s were a whirlwind of revolutions from start to finish. While free-loving hippies, rock music, and lava lamps deserve a mention, there was an incredible technology boom happening around the world.  From landing the first man on the moon...

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The Rise of the Citizen Developer: The Secret to Successful Innovation

Is your organization experiencing an IT backlog with no end in sight? You're not the only one if you are. Consumer demand and rising application culture has created a lot of pressure for businesses to develop solutions faster. IT departments...

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Process Automation: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Looking for the perfect gift to give your business this Christmas? Something practical, long-lasting, and preferably home-made? Well, digital process automation (DPA) happens to tick all those boxes and so much more. When it comes to delivering...

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Platform Demo: Introduction to the New Page Builder

Here at Betty Blocks HQ, we’re constantly working on ways to make application development easier and faster. And we’re now on the verge of our next great leap towards this goal, with the upcoming release of our new Page Builder. 

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Robidus' CTO Sylvester Bos Grabs Shadow IT by the Horns

“I think I am quite ready for another adventure” - Bilbo Baggins (Fictional Hobbit). An awesome quote but maybe you’d like some context with it? This was how Sylvester Bos, CTO at Robidus began his presentation at our recent No-Code for IT...

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Innovation in the Legal Sector: No-Code and Citizen Development

So, you understand why digital transformation is a crucial step towards future-proofing your law firm. You’re aware of the kinds of digital strategies and tools leading law firms are using to streamline processes and create new opportunities....

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3 No-Code Applications Ready For Your Logistics Company

Often, the best way to make sure you’re on the right track is to practice what you preach. So, without going into excess detail, the guys and girls over at Betty Blocks played around with some IoT enabled devices to build some fully IoT ready...

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No-Code in 2020 and Beyond: You Asked, Our Experts Answered (Part 2 of 2)

In response to our No-Code in 2020 and Beyond webinar, we received a boat-load of awesome questions. In this article, we’ll answer the more technical questions surrounding no-code. Click here for Part 1, in which we answer your questions about...

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Modernizing Enterprise Architecture with Citizen Development

Enterprise organizations come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from manufacturing giants to more flexible SME’s. While they may not appear to have much in common, under the surface every organization is controlled and built on top of the...

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Platform Update: Sandbox Merger and Authentication Overhaul

Things are changing in our latest platform update. You may remember how our Builder Bar overhaul made certain features more accessible for citizen developers . . . now we’re turning our attention to the developer side of things. Yes, we haven’t...

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