No-Code in 2020 and Beyond: You Asked, Our Experts Answered (Part 1 of 2)

On October 14, we ran an on-demand webinar about the future of no-code, which generated a tonne of great questions and we thought we’d share the wealth. In this first article, we answer your eight questions about applying no-code. Stay tuned for...

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Lab EX U Turns Custom Software Into a Science With Betty Blocks and No-Code

Press Release - September 2019 - Alkmaar - Betty Blocks no-code development platform and Lab EX U announced a strategic partnership today. Based in Assen, Lab EX U are dedicated process optimization experts with experience in both Blockchain and...

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Lifelines and Betty Blocks Enable Healthier Aging

Wouldn’t it be nice to live longer, healthier lives? We’d all like more quality time with loved ones, more time for what makes us happy. But how do we know we’re making the right choices when it comes to our health? How do we mitigate the risk of...

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Governmental Red Tape: The 5 Hurdles IT Departments Face

We all know the feeling of dread walking into a boardroom to pitch new ideas. Essentially, you’re walking into a battlefield of opposing views, roadblocks, and decision-makers higher up the ladder who have the power to VETO your perfect solution....

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Hybrid Development with Betty Blocks: 5 Things You’ll Learn

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Jasper Afman, Product Specialist at Betty Blocks about Hybrid Development. During our interview, Jasper outlined what role the Project Team plays in developing applications for (and with) clients....

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8 Questions with Betty Blocks Product Specialist, Jasper Afman

Did you know that there’s a whole department at Betty Blocks dedicated to helping customers build their first application? The Project Team. Their department doesn’t get much time in the spotlight, but their office is right next door to...

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The 5 Biggest Benefits of No-Code Application Development for IT

You’ve heard us preach about the wonders of no-code for some time now. Usually in relation to its potential to democratize application development, as it allows ‘ordinary’ people to create software. It’s true that no-code can liberate the...

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How to Connect Your Custom Application with Your Oracle Database

Regardless of industry or company size, every business accumulates mountains of vital data throughout the years. From customer info and documentation to product databases, this information is worth its digital weight in gold. So, when the time...

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3 Things to Expect from the Betty Blocks No-Code Event at Georgia Tech

Atlanta has quickly become a second home for Betty Blocks and we’re proud to be making our way into the community! Now that we’re firmly rooted in the USA and our no-code platform has gathered some ‘STEAM’, the time has come to launch an official...

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Create Reusable Custom Modules with Betty Blocks (and Save the World)

Innovators around the world share a dark secret. Okay, not dark… and not so secret either. The greatest ideas often don’t reinvent the wheel, they just adapt available resources. Betty Blocks’ Block Store has created a one-stop-shop for Citizen...

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