Don't Miss This: Betty Blocks Makes Their Debut at Future Lawyer Week

From the 18th - 20th May 2022, Future Lawyer Week (FLW) is holding its 5th annual UK conference in London. This year, Betty Blocks will be making its debut at FLW UK 5.0. On May 18th our CEO Chris Obdam will be presenting on how law firms can become leaders in innovation through no-code development. On May 19th Chris will also be taking part in a panel discussion on the benefits of bespoke low-code development in comparison to ready-made solutions. 

Future Lawyer Week brings all the latest legal innovations to the industry whilst uniting in-house departments and private law firms around the world.

Interested? Here is everything you need to know about FLW, and all the reasons to attend. 

FLW - everything you need to know

Future Lawyer Week is an interactive legal innovation event which facilitates thought provoking discussions and provides networking opportunities. The conference brings together in-house law firms, private practice law firms, litigation sectors, and innovative legaltech providers. 

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Future Lawyer Week is a 3-part event series which covers the UK, USA, and Asia. In May, FLW is coming to London for the 5th annual year. Meanwhile, FLW debuted in New York in 2019, and held its second annual conference in March 2022. This year, FLW is also venturing into Asia through a 2-day event held in Singapore, the data and time of which are TBC. 

The events involve multiple days of all things legal technology, featuring presentations, workshops, panel discussion, and a thrilling legal tech hackathon. These are all delivered by leading legal innovators and industry leaders. At FLW you can find:

  • Expert guest speakers
  • Representatives of the largest global firms
  • Tech demos 
  • Panel discussions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Hackathons 

Why you should be there 

Future Lawyer Week is for anyone and everyone with an interest in the legal industry and involved with the impacts of technology on the legal sector. Whether you are a private-practice firm, a legal practitioner, part of a legal department, or a legaltech developer, FLW is made for you! 

FLW is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Hear from innovators in law and legal technology 
  • See what new technologies and products are being developed
  • Find out how legal innovators are onboarding technology 
  • Come into contact with your target audience 
  • Network with potential partners and peers

FLW gives you the chance to be a part of the crucial dialogues and discussions occurring amongst the leaders of the industry right now. 

Betty Blocks: leading legal innovation

The legal industry is suffering from an ever-growing workload and diminishing service levels amongst lawyers delayed by inefficient manual processes and administrative tasks. Meanwhile, low levels of digital maturity and an overly-dependance on IT departments slows down technological development. Mostalarmingly, firms lagging  behind in their digital transformation are losing clients to their tech-savvy competitors and innovative legal-tech companies surfing miles ahead. 

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Here’s what we know: in the law firm of the future, tech and human expertise work in tandem to create innovative customer facing solutions to provide the highest-quality service and customer support. By combining your firm’s human expertise with technological resources you win over (new and existing) clients and become a front-runner in the industry. 

Through Betty Block’s low-code/no-code (LCNC) platform, legal professionals without any coding experience are empowered to be at the forefront of innovative solution development. No-code development thus enables those with the most in-depth knowledge of the exact pains and needs of the business, clients, and markets to be at the forefront of application development.

Betty Blocks provides rapid, governable, and fully customizable internal and external application development for the automation of legal operations, fostering of internal collaboration, and creation of competitive customer-facing solutions. 

Betty Blocks at FLW 

AT FLW UK 5.0 we are being represented by our CEO Chris Obdam. Chris will be presenting (May 18th) and participating in a panel discussion (May 19th). Amongst other topics, Chris will be presenting why law firms should be integrating no-code development in order to optimize their client offer and become leaders in innovation. Don’t worry about listening to overly-complicated tech gibberish. Chris is coming fully-equipped with tangible steps firms can take to launch no-code development, and examples of what this can look like. 

Additionally, Chris will be discussing the advantages of bespoke, independent, fully governed application development through a LCNC platform in comparison to off-the-shelf solutions. Betty Blocks will also have its own booth where you can engage with our experts on all things legal no-code development. 

Doubting whether no-code development is the future of law firms? Come to FLW and let us prove it to you. 

See you there?!

No tickets yet? You can find all the information regarding the event and get yourself tickets here

Can’t make it to the event but still intrigued by the ways the Betty Blocks platform can future-proof your law firm? Check out our legal whitepaper  to learn more. 

Betty Blocks whitepaper no-code in legal