Developing an Innovative, Low-Code Alternative to Sharepoint

A large, national organization concerned with the security of the Netherlands and all its inhabitants, was facing a technical challenge. One that they eventually solved efficiently and quickly, thanks to Betty Blocks' citizen development...

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Digital Transformation, Citizen Development, No-code

Why We Need New Types of Developers To Support Exponential Growth

They say many hands make light work, so imagine what you could achieve by supporting new types of developers within your organization. In a recent webinar, Betty Blocks CEO, Chris Obdam, explains why this is precisely what enterprises need to do...

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Citizen Development

Betty Blocks Welcomes M+ Group to Their Partner Program

M+ is joining Betty Blocks’ partner program. For over twenty-five years, M+ has excelled in solutions improving customer communication. They build and design the optimal customer experience by using the best and most innovative technologies. M+...

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Citizen Development, Partners

Empower Legal Professionals to Build Valuable new Propositions Easily with No-Code

When imagining a legal professional at work, most of us picture a courtroom setting or spending countless hours compiling legal documentation and liaising with clients. Unfortunately, the latter represents a serious problem for the legal sector...

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Digital Transformation, Citizen Development, Law

Three Highlights From Our Webinar: How to Start and Scale Citizen Development

There aren’t many citizen development experts around – not yet, at least. But for our recent webinar, we managed to get two together in the same (online) space. Being so passionate about the topic, our experts couldn’t resist covering a lot of...

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Citizen Development, Thought Leadership, Webinar

How the 1980s Shaped the Modern Technology Landscape

By the time the 1980s arrived, everyone had climbed out of their VW minibusses right into - what was then considered to be - a new age of high fashion. The wide-leg jeans, ponchos, feathers, and beads made way for spandex, shoulder pads,...

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Events, Citizen Development, No-code

How the 1960s Shaped the Modern Technology Landscape

The 1960s were a whirlwind of revolutions from start to finish. While free-loving hippies, rock music, and lava lamps deserve a mention, there was an incredible technology boom happening around the world.  From landing the first man on the moon...

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Events, Citizen Development, No-code

The Rise of the Citizen Developer: The Secret to Successful Innovation

Is your organization experiencing an IT backlog with no end in sight? You're not the only one if you are. Consumer demand and rising application culture has created a lot of pressure for businesses to develop solutions faster. IT departments...

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Citizen Development, No-code

Platform Demo: Introduction to the New Page Builder

Here at Betty Blocks HQ, we’re constantly working on ways to make application development easier and faster. And we’re now on the verge of our next great leap towards this goal, with the upcoming release of our new Page Builder. 

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Citizen Development, No-code, Platform News

Robidus' CTO Sylvester Bos Grabs Shadow IT by the Horns

“I think I am quite ready for another adventure” - Bilbo Baggins (Fictional Hobbit). An awesome quote but maybe you’d like some context with it? This was how Sylvester Bos, CTO at Robidus began his presentation at our recent No-Code for IT...

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