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Robert van Boesschoten

Sort and Filtering on nested relational properties of a base query

Another update regarding the Data API. This time focussing on nested fields. In one of our recent releases, we released the following features:

  • Sorting on nested fields
  • Filtering on nested fields

For each subject we added a short explaining and a nice little example to see it 'in action'.

Sorting on nested fields

The sort method sorts the items

Robert van Boesschoten

Page Builder: Editable partials

Building an app through the Page Builder is already pretty fast, using standard component instead of traditional code. We 1-upped that by enabling the builder to use partials. Partials are global sets of components often used more than once on different places, combined to your own desire to fulfil a certain task. Think about a navigation menu,

Robert van Boesschoten

Page Builder: Introducing page types!

Page type

Within the page settings of a page there is an option called Page type. This option lets you select a page type for your page which defines what kind of page it is based on the selected page type. There are different kinds of page types:

  • Homepage
  • 404


As you probably know, you’ll have to click the big play button to show the

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