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Robert van Boesschoten

Return values from (sub) actions + bugfix

Building business processes in your application can be really simple, or really complex. It depends on what you're trying to build. One rule you should always keep in mind is to keep actions short and agile. Instead of building one long and dragging action, create multiple actions, one initiating the next, and the next.

Result as

In some cases

Robert van Boesschoten

New Data API

When stripping a platform like Betty Blocks down to its bare bones, it's mostly a constant stream of sending and receiving data. Although we've been doing this for years through our trustworthy REST API, we decided to renew our techniques and work on a new method, setting us up for years to come.

In this release, we deployed a new data API for

Robert van Boesschoten

New My Betty Blocks full release

After gradually releasing new features to the new version of My Betty Blocks, the time has come to pass on the baton. You've had the chance to try the new version out while the old one was the default.

In our latest release, we completely replaced the old version with the new version of My Betty Blocks.

Now supporting all old features on the new

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