Product changes

Robert van Boesschoten

Small patches and additional expression functions

In this release, we tackled some small bugs you may (or may not) have been encountering. Besides that, we also added 2 new expression functions to calculate an amount of weeks. 

Below is an overview of all parts in this release:

New expressions:

  • num_weeks_between_dates(date, date)

Returns the difference between given dates, in weeks.

Robert van Boesschoten


Not all releases are all that glamourous and shiny. Sometimes we don't have cool new features or platform altering experiences.

Instead, we're working on fixing some smaller blemishes our platform has to suffer. Below is an overview of the bugfixes we've released this time.

  • Endpoint variable renaming conflict should be auto resolved on merging
Paul Engel

New functions and features

In our latest release, a few valuable changes have been made regarding mailing, SAML and My Betty Blocks. Take a look below:

  • New expression function to decrypt SAML responses. Some SAML providers send encrypted SAML responses back to the application which you first need to decrypt using a private key. 
  • Provide the ability for builders to use their

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