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Robert van Boesschoten

Small additions/patches Data API

With the new Data API only recently launched, the first additions are already here!



We changed the way how we store the metadata of an app. This is what we call an artifact. These artifacts are used by the data API in runtime. As a Builder, you won't experience any difference, but this will allow us to expand on in the

Robert van Boesschoten

Data API Launch

We've recently launched our new Data API during a webinar! Over the last couple of months, you might have read about it in other change logs or heard about it during a webinar. Now it's time to start implementing it in your own applications. Read on to find out more about it. 

What exactly is it?

The Data API is developed as additional technique

Robert van Boesschoten

Convert application to a template application

With one of our recent releases, you have the new option to promote your application to a Template.

Instead of building basic functionality each time you create a new app, you might want to look at this new feature. By promoting an application to a Template, you can start off your new application with all meta-data and built actions, pages, etc.

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