Betty Blocks Partners With Glove ICT, Bringing No-Code To Italy

Glove ICT, an Italian software company based in the lovely city of Parma, joins forces with Betty Blocks in a newly announced partnership. The aim is to exploit the advantages of no-code in Italian companies and offer digital innovation solutions that are easy to implement and impact the business quickly.

Glove ICT is a software development company focused on building customized solutions for their clients. Giorgio Queirolo, CEO at Glove ICT, says: “We develop custom solutions: websites, applications, portals, and so on. We heard about Betty Blocks from a common client. They asked us to develop their solution using the Betty Blocks platform, so we trained three of our developers to work with it. It was the perfect opportunity to become partners as well.” 

The biggest advantage of working with Betty Blocks according to Glove ICT? “Easy. You can develop a Minimal Viable Product in no time, so you can show your client a prototype at an early stage in the process. After that, you can easily adjust things as you go, rather than going back and forth with big chunks of feedback. Betty Blocks facilitates an agile way of working for us,” Queirolo states. 

No-code in Italy 

Overall, Italy is no frontrunner in IT. “The know-how in many companies is low,” Queirolo explains. “Actually, many companies in Italy don’t even have in-house IT teams. It’s only common for the big Italian companies - and they aren’t that big when you look at them from a global scale. So far, there hasn’t been a lot of demand for state-of-the-art IT in Italy. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a company to invest less than 1% of their annual turnover in IT. I think it will take a while before low- and no-code is properly introduced in Italian companies, but I do see a lot of potential for it. The pandemic has changed a lot: suddenly there was a need to work remotely and have proper IT solutions in place. This has brought a new perspective.” 

Lorenza Medici, Office Manager at Glove ICT, agrees: “Remote working is not going to be forgotten, even when the pandemic ends. Businesses have made structural changes to meet the new standards in IT. As a result, the demand for IT is growing fast in Italy - but it’s still on a much smaller scale compared to Northern European countries and the US.”

Vision for the future

Giorgio expects that no-code, implemented by using Betty Blocks, can help Glove ICT to support more clients in a shorter period of time. “We will always make sure that we tailor every single project to the client’s wishes, but developing using blocks will save a lot of time. If needed, we can create custom components to meet clients’ needs. I am pretty sure Glove ICT is one of the first companies in our region to start working with no-code and a platform like Betty Blocks - and I expect Glove ICT to flourish because of it. Right now, we’re at 21 FTE and we are rapidly growing. We believe working with no-code and Betty Blocks in particular is a huge opportunity for us.” 

Here at Betty Blocks, we are very excited about our new partnership with Glove ICT, and to see how no-code development flourishes in Italy.