No-Code and Citizen Development: It's About Time!

Information is thrown at us at the speed of light (okay, maybe not the speed of light, but it’s damn fast!). In 1971, the average person was targeted by an average of 560 advertising messages a day. Thirty years later, that number had risen to...

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Dynamic Management Systems Cuts Development Costs by 80% with Betty Blocks

Press Release - 16 July 2019 - South African process optimization experts Dynamic Management Systems (DMS) announced their partnership with Betty Blocks today. DMS will use no-code development to dramatically reduce time to market and lower costs...

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Betty Blocks Welcomes Tech Rebels as New Implementation Partner

Press Release - 15 July 2019 - Betty Blocks announces a new partnership today: Digital innovation company Tech Rebels becomes the latest implementation partner of the leading Dutch no-code platform. 

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Innovation Weekly: Navigating Creative Blocks

Coming up with something new and original is no easy feat in today’s connected world. Everywhere you look throughout your research will likely lead you directly to a website, service, or article which does (or says) everything you had envisioned....

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Meet Paul: the Platform Godfather of Betty Blocks

Ever wondered where the ingenuity behind our no-code platform came from? It all started with one developer. Paul Engel is the VP of Architecture at Betty Blocks, but we like to call him the Platform-Godfather.

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Betty Blocks Named a Strong Performer in Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers Report By Independent Research Firm

Press Release - 10 July 2019 - Betty Blocks announced today that Forrester Research has named them a strong performer following their latest assessment of the 12 top low-code vendors in Q2 2019.

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How to Use No-Code Strategically and Accelerate Innovation

Modern technology has managed to do something quite radical to the way we think about innovation. Today’s average person believes that technology, above all else, is responsible for digital transformation. It’s a far cry from people like Thomas...

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Application Strategy, Digital Transformation, Citizen Development, No-code, innovation

[Customer Case] Univé Creates New Line of Insurance with Betty Blocks' No-Code Platform

Read how Dutch insurance company Univé used the Betty Blocks no-code platform to enable a new line of preventive services, cutting back time to market from 1 year to 2,5 months and speeding up development time by 75 percent.

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No-code, innovation, application development, unive, speeding up, customer case

Betty Blocks Builds App to Reduce Ecological Footprint (Testers Wanted)

How can we help bring down our destructive impact on the environment? By building an application that measures exactly how big our ecological footprint actually is. And how do you build fully functioning software like this in under 3 weeks? With...

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No-code, innovation, application development, prototype, climatecoach4u, ecological footprint

Why No-Code Platforms Are Key Digital Transformation Tools Rather Than a Shadow IT Nightmare

These days, every organization is a software company, whether they like it or not. To keep up with increasing customer demand for agility and speed, businesses have to digitally transform and innovate. And with a shortage of IT developers,...

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