The 5 Biggest Benefits of No-Code for IT

You’ve heard us preach about the wonders of no-code for some time now. Usually in relation to its potential to democratize application development, as it allows ‘ordinary’ people to create software. It’s true that no-code can liberate the...

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How to Connect Your Custom Application with Your Oracle Database

Regardless of industry or company size, every business accumulates mountains of vital data throughout the years. From customer info and documentation to product databases, this information is worth its digital weight in gold. So, when the time...

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[Whitepaper] The Ultimate Guide to No-Code: Unlocking Your Full Innovation Potential

The market for no-code and low-code is exploding. All around the world, organizations are realizing the potential of platforms that enable rapid application development without coding. So what exactly can a no-code platform help you accomplish?...

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7 Things Developers Hate Most About Their Job

A wise man once said: “The only reason we should be writing code is to ensure we write less code tomorrow.” Although some die-hard programmers may argue against this, the software industry is increasingly leaning towards the creation of programs...

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Betty Blocks Named a Visionary in Gartner's 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Press Release - 22 August 2019, Atlanta, USA - Leading global advisory and research firm Gartner has named Betty Blocks as a visionary in this year’s report. It’s the third time the no-code platform has been included in the research.

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3 Things to Expect from the Betty Blocks No-Code Event at Georgia Tech

Atlanta has quickly become a second home for Betty Blocks and we’re proud to be making our way into the community! Now that we’re firmly rooted in the USA and our no-code platform has gathered some ‘STEAM’, the time has come to launch an official...

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Create Reusable Custom Modules with Betty Blocks (and Save the World)

Innovators around the world share a dark secret. Okay, not dark… and not so secret either. The greatest ideas often don’t reinvent the wheel, they just adapt available resources. Betty Blocks’ Block Store has created a one-stop-shop for Citizen...

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FAQ About the Betty Blocks Platform: Building with Blocks

As the leading no-code platform, Betty Blocks enables users to build enterprise-grade applications quickly, easily, and directly from the cloud. The best part of our platform: you don’t need to be a skilled programmer to use it (although...

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Betty Blocks Announces No-Code Specialist Rubarb as New Partner

Press release - 12 August 2019 - Betty Blocks proudly presents its latest implementation partner: The no-code heroes of Rubarb will use the Betty Blocks platform to speed up and help democratize application development. 

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How to Create Web Services and Integrations with Blocks

Web services come in just about every shape, function, and size that you could imagine. From sprawling databases to interactive integrations (web services) like Google Maps. Fortunately for us, connecting any integration in the Betty Blocks...

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