No-Code for IT Leaders: An IT Networking Event @ De Hub

The days are getting colder, so all the more reason for us IT professionals to come together and warm up for the coming year, at what will be our last networking event of 2019 in the Netherlands. 

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Platform Update: Sandbox Merger and Authentication Overhaul

Things are changing in our latest platform update. You may remember how our Builder Bar overhaul made certain features more accessible for Citizen Developers… now we’re turning our attention to the developer side of things. Yes, we haven’t...

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Government Innovation: Where Does Betty Blocks Come In?

The government sector faces many unique challenges. How exactly can no-code application development help? And where does Betty Blocks fit into this? Read on to find out how our clients have used the platform to drive innovation in the government...

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Connecting the Fleet: IoT and the Future of Logistics

When was the last time that you ordered a product without knowing exactly where it was or when it would arrive? Legends speak of a time where live package tracking didn’t exist… A lawless and frustrating time. Thankfully, logistics companies have...

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Digital Transformation, Logistics

Why We Want to Turn Everyone Into a Software Developer

When brothers Tim (the business guy) and Chris Obdam (the developer) founded this company, Tim frequently asked why it was so difficult to develop applications. “Why can’t I alter this existing application? And why is it so damn hard to make my...

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Citizen Development

Top 5 Trends Poised to Accelerate Government Innovation

Around the world, billions of people look to their governments to keep everything moving. From garbage collection to running water, government bodies are responsible for hundreds (if not thousands) of interconnected, security-sensitive systems....

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No-Code in 2020 and Beyond: You Asked, Our Experts Answered (Part 1 of 2)

On October 14, we ran an on-demand webinar about the future of no-code, which generated a tonne of great questions and we thought we’d share the wealth. In this first article, we answer your eight questions about applying no-code. Stay tuned for...

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Forrester Meets Betty Blocks Webinar: The Ways to Implement Citizen Development in an Enterprise Organization

The demand for software from the lines of business is growing and we don’t have the developers available to meet this demand. IT has its hands full keeping the lights on, and security is a top priority, but hard to control. IT and the business...

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Lab EX U Turns Custom Software Into a Science With Betty Blocks and No-Code

Press Release - September 2019 - Alkmaar - Betty Blocks no-code development platform and Lab EX U announced a strategic partnership today. Based in Assen, Lab EX U are dedicated process optimization experts with experience in both Blockchain and...

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Why You Don't Want to Miss the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019 in Orlando

After Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando (FL) will set the stage for what we think is the most important tech convention of the year: The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019. We’re very excited to announce that Betty Blocks will be exhibiting...

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