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Lisanne Steenis

Pending invitations now available in your My Betty Blocks user management

We have released a new user management overview in My Betty Blocks. Here we display new users who have been invited to the platform but still need to complete the registration of their account. This overview gives the organization admin insights into the accepted and unaccepted invitations.

The benefits of this overview

  • Now organization admins
Lisanne Steenis

New Application Status feature

The Betty Blocks platform rolled out a new feature called the Application status. With it, you’ll be able to manage and govern the status of applications and even promote applications from a development to production state to make them publicly available.

This will also enable you to govern whether an application is able to show data publicly or

Lisanne Steenis

New invitation flow released

We have released our new flow for inviting users to an application or organization. Our process has been updated to provide invited users with more flexibility in the platform. Nothing will change for inviting existing users to an app or organization via My Betty Blocks.

Check out the following video where I walk you through it:

Here’s a

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