Product changes

Lisanne Steenis

New invitation flow released

We have released our new flow for inviting users to an application or organization. Our process has been updated to provide invited users with more flexibility in the platform. Nothing will change for inviting existing users to an app or organization via My Betty Blocks.

Check out the following video where I walk you through it:

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s changing:

  1. New invited users are now able to register for the platform,
  2. New users only need to register an account once,
  3. With their account they have access to their personal organization (as an admin) where they can create their own apps and play around,
  4. The personal organization is where new users can experiment without risk of damaging or interrupting the main organization or the apps included in the main organization,
  5. The rights/permissions of existing users in the main organization/application will remain unchanged.

Why we updated the invitation flow

We wanted to give every new user the freedom to learn to use Betty Blocks in their own risk-free environment. With their personal organization, we enabled new users to create and build their own app and learn Betty Blocks at their own pace within a safe environment. The primary change is the registration form that invited users must complete to access an account.

Next up

  • Currently, new invited users will not appear in My Betty Blocks user management or the back-office of the application until they've completed the registration form. 
  • Next up, we will update the user management view in My Betty Blocks in order to display existing users and ‘pending’ users who still need to complete their account. With this view, we give the administrator of the organization the ability to govern their user management and see unaccepted invites.
  • Besides that, the user list in the back-office of the application will be extended with the newly invited users as well to enable the administrator to assign roles within the application right after sending the invitation.

That was all for now, your feedback allows us to continuously improve our product. So please, let us know what you think by dropping a comment!


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