Product changes

Jordi Krom

Easily create and (re)use Components with dependencies

We have updated our Component structure, to enable you to easily define its dependencies. This means you are now able to create (and use) Components with dependencies, without having to work with a manual component dependency bundle inside your application. Next to this you now can share and re-use these components via the Block Store, for other

Manouk van Gerwen

New Block Store capabilities for reusability

We have added new capabilities to our Block Store, by adding 4 new Block types to be saved, shared and installed. This means pro-coders are now able to add more reusable functionality to the Betty Blocks platform in a very easy and quick way. Doing this enables them to easily reuse their work, but it also enables no-coders to build new use-cases.

Manouk van Gerwen

New icon structure for Next Gen Action functions

Today we have migrated the existing application and native functions to a new icon structure. The icon field in the function.json is changed from a string value to an object.

What does this mean for you?

It means that when you publish your function, you will get a validation error and you need to change the icon field to the new structure.

The new

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