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Dusty Rowe

Protect your pages with default authentication profiles

Enable a default authentication profile to create protected pages without the hassle of manual configuration. Rest assured, your pages and the data within are protected from the moment they’re created.

Authenticated pages

When creating a new page, builders can now make use of the default authentication profile to quickly and easily protect

Jordi Krom

Introducing Role Based Access Control in My Betty Blocks

We have released a first version of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) on Organization level in My Betty Blocks. This will soon have impact on 1 existing My Betty Blocks feature: the ability to merge changes (into a higher application level). In this post we will explain how you can now already prepare for this change, which will become active on

Dusty Rowe

Private data mode for development apps

Please be aware, on March 15th, Betty Blocks will enable Private Data Mode (PDM) for all applications currently set to the development status.

What is the impact of this change?

Private Data Mode being enabled will restrict Data API access in the runtime to any user without a registered Betty Blocks account and builder permissions for the

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