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Lisanne Steenis

New Application Status feature

Product_Update-October (1)The Betty Blocks platform rolled out a new feature called the Application status. With it, you’ll be able to manage and govern the status of applications and even promote applications from a development to production state to make them publicly available.

This will also enable you to govern whether an application is able to show data publicly or choose to keep it restricted.​

What will change?

The application status will be available on the detail page of the application. You can choose from 2 statuses, Development and Live. 

We will make use of the Private Data Mode (PDM) feature, which is already available in your application settings. This feature will ensure that only users with ‘Builder’ permissions for your application can view data in the Runtime when the application status is Development. When the application status is switched to Live, the PDM is inactive, meaning that your data is publicly available for everybody.

The PDM will be on by default for all newly created applications. Having PDM on by default secures your data from public (external) users without the relevant permissions for that particular application. Organization admins will be able to toggle this feature on/off at any time (if your organization is a Betty Blocks customer). 

How will this impact you?

If you have a Betty Blocks contract: As an organization admin, you will have full control over both the App Status and Private Data setting which you’ll be able to change at any time.

Besides that, the data of your sandboxes are also protected with the PDM. If you want to let your sandboxes be tested by external developers, you need to add them as a builder to your application.

If you do not have a Betty Blocks contract: You will still be able to create applications but you will not be able to enable data for public users. If you want to set your application to production, you will need to reach out to us to discuss your use case and become a customer of the Betty Blocks platform.

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