Baker Tilly Saves 100,000 Euro Annually With No-code

How Martin van Ernst reclaimed a full workday per week by automating antique time management spreadsheets.

Earning a spot within the top 10 companies of your industry is no easy feat. However, Dutch tax accountancy and financial consultants,...

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5 Ways Betty Blocks Protects Your Company Data

No matter where you live, leaving the house without locking your door leaves you feeling anxious. Now, when it comes to software platforms, you don’t always get to choose how (or even if) your data is locked away securely. Today, we’re going to...

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Betty Blocks Signs Common Ground Growth Pact

We’ve got exciting news: Betty Blocks has officially signed the Common Ground Growth Pact, the new joint information provision for municipalities in the Netherlands. If you don’t live in the Netherlands, this news may not mean much to you. But...

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Zorg van de Zaak Develops One-Of-A-Kind PMO Application With No-Code

If you work in the Netherlands, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Zorg van de Zaak (ZvdZ) — or even worked with them. As a corporate healthcare and wellbeing service provider, ZvdZ has successfully helped nearly 1.5 million Dutch workers...

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Why More Insurance Companies Are Building Their Own Software

Insurance companies are increasingly building their own software solutions, rather than buying off-the-shelf or outsourcing to development shops. And for good reason: The cost, time, complexity, and risk barriers to producing custom business...

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Get the Full Betty Blocks Picture in 5 Minutes or Less

Since the late 90s, rapid application development (RAD) has made the transition from the ugly duckling of digital transformation to a multi-billion dollar industry. Elements that once posed looming question marks over RAD platforms — scalability,...

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Webinar Recap: Pro- and No-Coder Go Head-to-Head in a Battle of Speed

Time-to-market makes a huge difference to your bottom line. Take some time to recover from that ‘duh’ and we’ll get into what you can expect from our latest webinar: How No-Code Leads to a Faster Time-To-Market

With so much consumer demand for...

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Upcoming Webinars: May 2020

Modernizing the Legal Sector With No-CodeThursday, May 7, 2020 — 10:00 am EST | 4:00 pm CEST 

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Betty Blocks Welcomes Coolminds As New Addition to Partner Program

Press release - 14 April 2020No-code software provider Betty Blocks announces a new partnership today. Digital innovation agency Coolminds represents the newest member of its international partner program. With this partnership, Coolminds will...

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Press Release

How We Turn Your Idea Into an Application [Infographic]

This infographic shows how we guide you from ideation to application, assuring that everything is in place for your business to start no-coding with confidence.

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