Forrester Meets Betty Blocks Webinar: The Ways to Implement Citizen Development in an Enterprise Organization

The demand for software from the lines of business is growing and we don’t have the developers available to meet this demand. IT has its hands full keeping the lights on, and security is a top priority, but hard to control. IT and the business side are working out of sync and this leads to missed opportunities. But, this doesn't have to be the case — the solution has already presented itself.

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As with many problems, the solution comes from a surprising corner: Citizen Developers are bound to be the heroes to save IT from its ever-growing backlog. But, implementing Citizen Development without a well-thought-out strategy is just Shadow-IT, and we’ve been down that route before. So, what does it take to implement a solid strategy?

How to implement Citizen Development 2.0

Following on from our previous webinar, How Enterprises Implement a Successful Citizen Development Strategy, Chris Obdam, CEO at Betty Blocks, will dive deeper into the realm of Citizen Development implementation. Together with guest speaker John Rymer from research firm Forrester, Chris will discuss these different methods and the pros and cons of each. Together they will discuss:

* The 2 ways to implement Citizen Development;
* The process of how Citizen Developers and IT should work together;
* Where Citizen Development fits in your enterprise architecture.

Join our webinar on 12 November

If you’re thinking about implementing Citizen Development in your organization, you don’t want to miss this. This is a unique opportunity to hear where 2 leading figures in the Citizen Development movement agree and differ in their approach and, more importantly, why. 

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Forrester meets Betty Blocks webinar banner