Webinar Recap: Pro- and No-Coder Go Head-to-Head in a Battle of Speed

Time-to-market makes a huge difference to your bottom line. Take some time to recover from that ‘duh’ and we’ll get into what you can expect from our latest webinar: How No-Code Leads to a Faster Time-To-Market


With so much consumer demand for more advanced, faster, and better tooling, every single development cycle matters. Victor Kuppers, VP of product strategy at Betty Blocks, has been investigating what RAD tools like no-code need to achieve in order to make the biggest impact on time-to-market without cutting corners along the way.

During the webinar, Victor outlines his discoveries and dives into the main drivers for shortening time-to-market from a business and developer perspective. Victor touches briefly on the typical challenges before going into practical advice both in and outside of the RAD world which you can start implementing today. With the theory covered, we decided to have some fun and show a more practical example of what no-code can really do.

The heavyweight title fight

The proof is in the pudding and rather than keep everything in slides, we decided to make things a little more interesting — which is where the pro-coder vs no-coder challenge comes in. Chiel Wester (our pro-coder) and Angelo de Voer (no-coder) were given an identical application to build from scratch with some goals to achieve along the way. 

No spoilers, but both developers had some fun with it and explained how they were approaching the process. 

The video here is just the competition in full so you'll hear how both developers approach each step and see exactly what their processes look like. For the full recap including Victor’s research then head over to the page here


HubSpot Video


If you want to find out exactly why and how your organization can reduce development times without cutting corners then this is the webinar for you. It’s heaps of fun with a good helping of knowledge thrown into the mix. The video is available online now so head over to the webinar page to watch it today.