Three Highlights From Our Webinar: How to Start and Scale Citizen Development

There aren’t many citizen development experts around – not yet, at least. But for our recent webinar, we managed to get two together in the same (online) space. Being so passionate about the topic, our experts couldn’t resist covering a lot of ground, which is why we wanted to bring you these highlights. But don’t worry, you can watch the webinar recap here, or even view more bite-sized edits on the videos section of our website. 

1. Defining citizen development 

Our guest expert for this webinar was Arjun Jamnadass, Head of Citizen Development at FTI Consulting. Arjun was able to draw on his ongoing work with Project Management Institute (PMI), a leading nonprofit dedicated to preparing 3 million professionals worldwide for the Project Economy. Here’s Arjun and Betty Blocks CEO, Chris Obdam, discussing what citizen development means to them:

HubSpot Video

2. A map for citizen development

PMI is currently developing effective citizen development frameworks and methodologies, as well as learning programs and certifications in coordination with industry experts – you can see why we wanted Arjun to be involved in the webinar. One of the models PMI has developed is the Citizen Development Canvas; think of it as a map for effective citizen development strategies. Here’s Arjun discussing the Citizen Development Canvas: 


HubSpot Video

3. Challenges for enterprise organizations

Nobody said that starting and scaling citizen development effectively would be easy. Many organizations will need to undergo a cultural shift, adopt powerful tooling, and facilitate an environment governed by IT. But these challenges shouldn’t dissuade organizations from getting started. The important thing is to start. Begin with small use-cases, demonstrate success, and gradually you’ll move from the discovery and experimentation phases through to adoption, scaling, and finally, innovation

Here, Arjun elaborates on the challenges enterprise organizations face when starting and scaling citizen development, including the importance of sponsorship and finding suitable use-cases:


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More about citizen development? 

As mentioned, the guys covered much more than these three topics. To watch the webinar in its entirety, follow this link for the recap. Or, head over to our videos page for more videos on all aspects of citizen development. 


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