How to Implement Innovation and Why to Self-Build Solutions: The Key Topics We Discussed at Legal Innovators California

In early June, Betty Blocks headed to San Francisco to sponsor and attend Legal Innovators California. Organized by Cosmonauts and founded by Artificial Lawyer, Legal Innovators brought together key thought leaders, decision makers, enthusiasts, and...

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The Key to Future-Proofing Your Law Firm: Innovative Customer Facing Applications

Picture this: a law firm where competitive, innovative, forward-thinking customer facing applications are being developed not by a slow-moving IT department, but in collaboration with the legal professionals at the forefront of the industry....

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Top 5 Trends Poised to Accelerate Government Innovation

Around the world, billions of people look to their governments to keep everything moving. From garbage collection to running water, government bodies are responsible for hundreds (if not thousands) of interconnected, security-sensitive systems....

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Banking on No-Code: Why More Financial Firms Are Building Their Own Software

Financial organizations are increasingly building their own software solutions, rather than buying off-the-shelf or outsourcing to development shops. And for good reason: The cost, time, complexity and risk barriers to producing custom business...

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Why Now Is the Time to Prepare for the Next Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we do business. Whilst some organizations have managed to adapt to the changes in consumer behavior by accelerating digital transformation, others are left needing to play catch-up.

The changes we’ve...

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How to Create a Future Proof Innovation Strategy (and Successfully Implement it)

Innovation is one of the buzzwords of the last couple of years and for good reason. We are at the tipping point of technology and actual innovation is happening faster than ever. But, there’s more to innovation behind the buzz and that’s where many...

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