Product changes

Manouk van Gerwen

Introducing the AI Classifier step in actions

We are excited to introduce the latest enhancement to the Betty Blocks platform, the AI Classifier step! This powerful new feature empowers you to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence within your applications, opening up a wide range of possibilities for document analysis, validation, and workflow optimization.


Manouk van Gerwen

Use the power of AI in your actions

We are excited to announce the release of the AI Prompt action step, now available in the blockstore. This feature empowers you to create custom prompts, including the use of variables. As a pro-coder you can create your own AI steps as well.

Good to know: This step is text to text. So if you want to summarise the answers of a form, you have to

Dennis de Boer

Breaking change for custom Next Generation Action steps

Your effort is required in order to keep using your Next Generation Actions without problems after September 5th.

Update: The deadline of September 5th as mentioned in this article has been postponed. A new date will soon be shared in this article.

On May 13th we communicated that all custom-made Action steps in the Next Generation Actions will

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