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Manouk van Gerwen

Introducing the AI Classifier step in actions

We are excited to introduce the latest enhancement to the Betty Blocks platform, the AI Classifier step! This powerful new feature empowers you to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence within your applications, opening up a wide range of possibilities for document analysis, validation, and workflow optimization.



Use-case examples:

  1. Input Validation and Accuracy Check: Ensure the accuracy of generated answers or inputs by incorporating the AI Classifier step into your application. This step can help you identify potentially inaccurate information, allowing you to validate and refine outputs, enhancing the reliability of your applications.
  2. Document Type Classification: Utilize the AI Classifier step to automatically determine the type of document you are working with. Whether it's invoices, contracts, or reports, the AI Classifier can accurately categorize documents, streamlining your processes and improving overall efficiency.Integrate the AI
  3. Workflow determination: Classifier step into your workflows to enable dynamic decision-making based on document types or content. With this functionality, the AI can determine the appropriate route to take within your processes. For example, the classifier can guide your application to search internal databases, external databases, or even use search engines based on the context of the document.


How to implement:

To leverage the AI Classifier step (available in the blockstore) in your Betty Blocks applications, simply drag and drop the step into your action. Configure the step options and easily name and describe the paths. This step allows you to harness the power of AI without the need for extensive coding or complex setup.

Up next

  • Convert document to text to be compatible with AI steps (January)
To be able to use the context of documents in your ai steps, you will need to convert it to text. We will provide a step that does this for you.
  • Smart search (January)
Soon you will have the ability to add AI search functionality to your datamodel and multi line text properties. This will give you the ability to create smart search functionality in your app. This will allow the enduser to ask full sentence questions instead of keywords to find data.
  • Text to object/array (Q1)
A prompt step that allows you to easily use text as input and use an object or array as output

That was all for now, your feedback allows us to continuously improve our product. Please let us know what you think about it. Happy building! 😃 

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