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Robert van Boesschoten

SMTP settings in new My Betty Blocks

Mailing has had a great part in business processes, and we've provided a way to include this in your application. Always. By making use of a platform-shared Mandrill account, you could start mailing straight away. For more options you could also use your own Mandrill account. 

Some of you need even more options, and we understand that. That's why

Robert van Boesschoten

Additional settings for new My Betty Blocks

Another one! Yet another release fully dedicated to the new version of My Betty Blocks. While the last releases were focussed on existing features, we're happy to say we're bringing something new to the table.

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Existing My Betty Blocks features

Replacing or renewing an existing tool always comes with the challenge to avoid shortcomings

Robert van Boesschoten

Stability: Maintenance and bugfixes

Last period, we've been working hard on improving both the platform's stability, as on our tools to monitor it. For moments unforeseen, we expanded the information resources when the platform does not work as expected. This allows us to respond quicker and act more precise.

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