Product changes

Robert van Boesschoten

Application governance update: Private mode

In this release, we give platform users the option to restrict access to their precious creations and data. Done through a single setting, applications can be set to Private, meaning only builders of said application can access its pages.

Private mode

Applications are public by default, meaning that everyone (with the right authorization) can view

Robert van Boesschoten

My Betty Blocks Update: Rollback

Application development is done faster and more fun when done together! Building features as a team requires all the control you can get. Managing changes through sandboxes is a great tool in this. However, some changes you've merged might not give you the results you expected...


In this release, we bring you the new Rollback feature.

Robert van Boesschoten

Small additions/patches Data API

With the new Data API only recently launched, the first additions are already here!



We changed the way how we store the metadata of an app. This is what we call an artifact. These artifacts are used by the data API in runtime. As a Builder, you won't experience any difference, but this will allow us to expand on in the

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