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Jelmer Kok

Introduction of State management on page level

With one of the latest releases in the Betty Blocks Platform, we introduced the use of page state management in runtime. With this new feature, you can use state on page level in various application development use cases. This first "introduction release" is the groundwork for many other releases that will follow later this year. We believe that

Jelmer Kok

Enhanced experience in the pages component tree

The latest releases in the Betty Blocks Platform have improved the overall experience and features within the component tree. Core functionality such as dragging and dropping components to a new position in the tree has been made much easier along with a number of other cases which can be found below

  • Dragging and dropping Box components
Manouk van Gerwen

Announcement: Faster compiling of next-gen actions

What will we change and when

Within next-gen actions we will move from Webpack to Esbuild for bundling actions. We are planning to migrate all applications in all zones on next Monday, June 19, 2023.


This migration presents a significant boost in compilation speed and enhance the user experience. Esbuild's compilation speed, and smaller bundle

Manouk van Gerwen

List of release notes - May 2023

Over the last month, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes of last month.

New features & improvements

  • Reordering feature for items in Reconfigure modal, read more
  • Supporting
Jelmer Kok

Reordering items in Reconfigure modal

Earlier this year, we released the new Reconfigure feature as a new option for many default page builder components and page templates. With one of the latest releases to the Betty Blocks Platform, we added the ability to reorder the available items in the Reconfigure modal via drag and drop. Allowing you to change for example the ordering of

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