Product changes

Barry Kraakman

Update: New render method for Page Builder BETA

We aim to better ever-evolving, always improving the platform to deliver a better experience. In some cases we update older features, but in this case we're overhauling a fairly new one.

Our new BETA Page Builder got a new technique that impacts the way pages are rendered.

We’re going to switch in runtime technique for the Page Builder BETA. This

Robert van Boesschoten

New feature: New Application Zone and Merger

Part of developing an app can be finding out a new action does the opposite of what you initially wanted. If that happens, you don't want to affect your production data or your users. 

By developing and testing in a sandbox, a crisis can be diverted. When you're happy with the changes, push them to production with the new Application Merger.


Robert van Boesschoten

New feature: Page Builder BETA becomes available in new apps

Developing a platform like Betty Blocks is all about bringing the best features to developers to boost your productivity. Sometimes by improving existing features, sometimes by creating an all-new tool. 

This time, we created an all-new version of an existing tool: The Page Builder.

With the UI Builder, it's possible to build

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