Product changes

Manouk van Gerwen

Scheduling is available in next-gen actions

With our latest release, we added the ability to schedule the triggering of your action. Part of automating your business is creating actions to speed up your processes and productivity. You wouldn't reach your full potential while still manually pressing each button to start them. That’s when the scheduled actions come in handy. 


Manouk van Gerwen

New condition in next-gen actions

We've enhanced the condition step in next-gen actions with advanced filter possibilities. Just drag the condition on your canvas and try it out!

Easy filtering

From now on, you can easily set up rules for your condition. Use multiple rules together to filter on more specific sets of data that you can pass through your condition step. You can

Jordi Krom

Authenticate application end users via their Betty Blocks platform account

We have released a new feature that enables you to easily authenticate your application end users via their Betty Blocks platform account. Using this feature saves you valuable time, as you don’t have to worry about login flows, password reset flows, and all other authentication-related things. From today*, after creating a new application it will

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