Product changes

Robert van Boesschoten

New IDE: Quick Menu!

As your application grows, you’ll find yourself creating more and more pages, models, and actions. Previously, you always had to navigate to these sections’ full overview. Well, not anymore, because we introduce to you, the Quick Menu!

The Quick Menu is a way to speed up navigating through the platform. For example, if you find yourself on the

Robert van Boesschoten

Page Builder update: Object tree

Building pages in the Page Builder gives you a good idea of what your page is going to look like as you build. However, as the pages grow and the number of components increase, it can get a bit crowded. What if there was an overview of all components used in your page?

Say no more, we got you covered. In one of our recent releases, we added the

Robert van Boesschoten

Data API update: Querying

Another update regarding the Data API. This time focussing on querying, error handling and feedback in particular. In the last period, we released the following features:

  • Self-referencing querying
  • Cyclic querying
  • Breadcrumb querying

For each subject we added a short explaining and a nice little example to see it 'in action'.


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