Product changes

Jelmer Kok

New schema view of your Data model

We have just released the new schema view of the Data model in the new IDE, allowing you to manage your Models in a more visual approach. The main benefit is that you no longer have to switch to the old iFrame and it is on par with the new design. It is also a lot faster and supports endless scroll on the canvas, allowing you to support a more

Anton van den Berg

Manage your languages via export and import

We have just released importing and exporting to our new translations feature allowing you to manage different languages outside your application or sending it to a third party!

Check out the following video where I walk you through it:

Next to the importing and exporting of your languages we also worked on:

  • We moved the duplicate page
Dusty Rowe

New guided tour, translations feature, and app templates arrive in Betty Blocks

Do you or a colleague want to build applications with no-code? Go to My Betty Blocks and find the Betty Blocks: Task Manager tile to start creating your own application in 20 minutes or less. It's fast, easy, and you'll learn everything you need to drive value using no-code and Betty Blocks. 

Translation feature released

In case you missed it

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