Product changes

Dusty Rowe

Minor Maintenance and Bug Fixes

Just like your beloved family car, our tech teams are regularly servicing the Betty Blocks platform. In this latest update, they’ve updated some of the error checking functionality in the portal and improved action scheduling.

  • We improved existing health checks and added new checks to reduce the impact of node errors on applications.
  • We fixed a
Dusty Rowe

Update - Minor improvements and bug fixes

Conventional wisdom tells us to ‘Expect the unexpected’. Sometimes though, expected results sneak through the cracks but thanks to client feedback and testing, bugs don’t tend to hang around too long. This week the team has been hard at work to resolve the following little critters. 

  • Fixed a bug where a property could be deleted after you
Dusty Rowe

Update - Maintenance and bug-fixes

Making changes to the inner workings of our platform is always exciting. As with any changes, there’s some fine tuning that needs to be done. In the case of the expression resolver, some minor bugs popped up which were quickly squished.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in our expression properties resolver queue. The bug caused expressions to get stuck in

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