Citizen Development: The No-Code Approach to Software Development

Citizen Development summary

With an explosive demand for software, companies need to transform in order to keep up. Some do so by turning everyone into a software developer. Citizen Development represents a major paradigm shift in the way we think about development. By adopting Citizen Development, businesses remove the technical barriers that prevent business users from (co-)creating software. By giving them the tools they need, they can come up with solutions to existing problems, build and test their own applications, and contribute to the overall innovation process of your organization.

But Citizen Developers are no replacement for your existing IT team. Rather, they allow for a better collaboration between the business and IT. They work together with IT and are governed by IT to assure quality and security. After all, a perfect alignment between the business and IT is vital to the success of both. Implementing a Citizen Development strategy also doesn’t happen overnight. It requires persistence, the right mindset, and proper supervision and training. But when done correctly, you’ll be producing more software, and more developers, driving your business forward in a digital age.

This is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Information Age. You can read the full article here. Or read more about Citizen Development in our latest whitepaper: 

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