Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority Empowers Citizen Development

Proper wastewater treatment and water safety in the Netherlands is something so common and natural, we never give it any thought. But, the truth is that the kind people at the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority work around the clock to keep the Flevoland region safe and sound, and they're doing a great job at it.

The effort of an Innovation Lab

While the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority runs a smooth operation, there’s always one question that lingers in the air: how can we make things better? Enter their Innovation Lab: a portal where employees can submit their answer to this innovation-driven question.

Project manager Leslie Postema’s idea has been put to the test. Leslie executed the plan of digitizing parts of the organization’s processes. Within a month, the proof of concept for his idea was ready and well-received by stakeholders. Curious about what that idea was? Sit back, relax, and watch this short video.


Fewer errors and real-time insights

Innovation and applications are cool, but in the end, all that matters is the results. And in this case, they are pretty significant. In the Betty Blocks application users submit their measuring data in an easy and effective way. This results in less paperwork, more efficient walking routes, fewer errors and real-time insight into the measuring data. According to Leslie the success of the innovation lies in three things:

  1. The whole innovation team is aligned spot on;

  2. Users working at the purification stage are able to share valuable insights and knowledge of techniques;

  3. Users of the application were pleased they could submit their input continuously during the development process. “The application works seamlessly within our daily tasks.”

Citizen development for the win

Because the whole team of the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority was able to think along during the whole process (and not only their professional IT guys), the application is tailored to their needs. Leslie Postema says: ”In the next year, there will be tests to see if the application can be used on a larger scale. Within Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority itself there are still plenty of possibilities. One of the users, for example, is working on the idea of making it possible to add malfunction reports to the application.”

Leslie is a prime example of a citizen developer. His innovation has a big impact on the workflow for the entire organization and they are currently in the process of presenting it to other water authorities as well. Is there a citizen developer inside you as well? Find out in the whitepaper below.

Betty Blocks - Rise of the Citizen Developer