What it Means to be an Innovative Leader

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A digital business is now more important than ever. You may be fully aware that the markets are changing and all aspects of business are now depending on a digital transformation. But, you also may not be looking internally, if you are too comfortable with the status quo of your business and think you’re fine without digitizing operations. On the other hand, you may be struggling to find the means to turn your business digital. The latter is a sign of your initiative to spark innovation in your organization.

To be an innovative leader, you need to be versatile. Most importantly, you need a strong grasp of your own way of working, your employees and what works for your business.

You are a Transformational Leader

As a transformational leader, you know innovation starts with the people. Therefore, it’s less about the technology and more about your leadership. You have defined what digitization means for your business. You set goals accordingly and align stakeholders on the same goal. Achieving digital transformation isn’t accomplished in one step, it’s an ongoing process that brings your teams in line with one another and encourages them to build solutions that can help their work processes. When your teams are on the frontline with you, it’s time to introduce the the culture of innovation.

Leading Organizational Change is Your Forte

You are the chosen one to take your organization on a digital transformation. Because this transformation is ongoing, you need to establish the culture to continuously innovate. This can be achieved by bringing all employees on board through the organizational change. Change is often met with resistance but once the culture is open to innovating, innovative change becomes expected and even preferred within an organization.

As long as you’re not introducing a new complicated technology that requires more work to understand, employees will want to use a tool that enables more efficiency. Therefore, they’re open to a digital transformation that can benefit themselves as well as the company. The results of using a new tool needs to justify the learning curve for employees. As your employees become aware that this is the shared goal, then you want to lead as a transactional leader.

Maneuvering From Transformational to Transactional Leadership

As an agile leader, you need to set the example both with setting company goals and with achieving tangible results. First, you introduced values of change and innovation to shift the culture of your organization. Then, you also make a slight transformation in your ways of management. Now that you’ve been proactive with influencing your company, you take the next steps of action and respond. You become the transactional leader who is ready to use new technology and be the first to demonstrate its value.

You’re Using Technology That Works for You

A digital business uses technology to its smart advantage. Rather than being controlled by the technology either through external software providers or by the improper use of technology that sets your teams back, it is important to find the right tools that lets you stay in control of your digital transformation. For example, a no-code platform enables organizations to test ideas efficiently while building practical solutions without risk. Without the need to code, employees can work with the IT team to streamline application development. Together, you and your teams will see end products delivered faster as well as the value of innovating.

At the end of the day, you’ll know if you’re leading an innovative business. If you aren’t, are you prepared to make company-wide changes to ensure your businesses stays afloat in the digital age? To learn more about Betty Blocks no-code application development and innovation, subscribe to our blog below.