What Could Your Career at Betty Blocks Look Like? Meet Yoeri and Jordi!

Curious about the daily ins and outs at Betty Blocks? No problem. We are happy to show you what a day, or maybe even better, what your future career could look like when you choose to join our team. 

At Betty Blocks, we value our people and culture highly. We're growing rapidly, which means that opportunities arise and new roles appear. Regardless of experience or position, our people can grow along with the success of the company - as well as directly contribute to it. In the past, multiple colleagues at Betty Blocks have already grown from interns or juniors to seniors and managers. One of those colleagues is Yoeri. 

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From BDR to Manager Inside Sales

Yoeri started working at Betty Blocks during an internship for his Business studies Marketing & Sales in 2018. Before working at Betty Blocks, he had never built an application or website before. But, the fact that Betty Blocks empowers citizen developers gave him the perfect entry point to start and get familiar with the "booming" IT market. 

'After finishing my graduation internship and bachelor's study, Betty Blocks offered me a job as a Business Development Representative. My first responsibilities were to set up the inbound sales process and follow up on all inbound leads accordingly. After a year, I moved towards the outbound sales process and set up different campaigns based on account-based marketing selling by focussing on specific verticals. 

During the inbound and outbound sales roles, I was always willing to help other colleagues and coach them to reach out to enterprise prospects successfully. Betty Blocks noticed this and offered me the Manager Inside Sales EMEA+UK role to grow on a personal and business level.'

Switching to the no/low-code market

Another great example of the career opportunities at this fast-growing company is Jordi. A colleague who came on board about two years ago. 'Coming from a background different from software development, I never expected to end up in my current role as Business Consultant. But after my first conversation at our HQ in Alkmaar, I thought it might be interesting to dive into the organization and the entire no/low-code market.

While doing so, it became clear that Betty Blocks operates in an exciting playing field and that I want to be part of it. By the end of 2021, I will celebrate my second anniversary with the company. I am still enjoying the conversations with new contact persons, the collaboration with our team, and most importantly, in my role, finding the right opportunities as a foundation for a solid partnership in the future.

What Yoeri and Jordi like best? 

For Jordi, it's the international and ambitious nature of the organization: 'Instead of getting in touch and pitching a standard solution, we are building a relationship with our contact persons. Get a solid understanding of their current situation first, before we discover how Betty Blocks can be of added value on a strategic level. That strategic focus, in combination with the international focus and character of my role, is what I like best about working at Betty Blocks. Besides, being part of an ambitious journey like ours isn't too bad either! 

Yoeri adds: My time at Betty Blocks has always been enjoyable thanks to all the smart and friendly colleagues that share the same ambitions towards our global domination goal. I like that we get to conduct business on an international scale and meet new colleagues in different regions like the US & India by using our extensive partner network.

Want to know more about the opportunities at Betty Blocks? 

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