Top Dutch Division Soccer Team AZ Launches New Website on Betty Blocks

We are excited about all no-code projects, but this one is a bit special. Soccer is a big thing in The Netherlands, and as a company with our roots firmly in Dutch soil, we are excited about anything soccer related. Since top Dutch division team AZ is from the same city as we are, it needs no further explanation that we are rooting for their goals, both on the field and in the digital world.

A bit of Betty Blocks history: Our founders Chris and Tim have been loyal AZ supporters for more than 16 years! Way before the Betty Blocks days, they attended all the games together with their dad. So, you can imagine this project being a big personal milestone and probably one of their favorite moments in the history of their entrepreneurial venture together.

New call-to-action

Our partner Holder took on the job of developing the team’s new website and ticketing system. Together they had one Northern star: showcase AZ as the most innovative soccer team in The Netherlands. Mission accomplished, if you ask us!


The big launch

Yesterday AZ and fans closely involved in the development project visited our premises for the official launch. Star player Thomas Ouwejan launched the new website himself. We are live and it looks great! Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself (warning, Dutch language overload).



The AZ experience

With the new website, AZ caters to the fans as best as possible. The usability has been optimized with a simplified and clear navigational structure. Needless to say, the new website is responsive and works flawlessly on all devices. By working with big visuals and video footage the website really comes alive. Next to the website, the ticketing platform got a big update. The integration between the ticketing platform and the website have been made seamlessly.

Continuous innovation

Robert Eenhoorn, CEO of AZ, says: “From the beginning, our fans have been closely involved with the development of the new website. We’re very excited that we are finally live with our new website. We will keep optimizing the new website, based on feedback from our fans so that the experience will always be optimal.”

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