The Technical Elements That Make No-Code Possible

There is a lot going on under the hood of the Betty Blocks platform. Too much to tell in a short blog post. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s the practical functionalities that really make our platform stand out. And to demonstrate how our no-code platform actually works, we devised a useful guide to help you on your no-coding way. 

The Developer's Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform

Have you ever wanted to take apart the engine of a jet airplane to see exactly how it enables 80,000kg to glide so smoothly through the air? Well, it’s a little like uncovering the elements of the Betty Blocks no-code platform. At Betty Blocks, we talk a lot about how our platform helps IT professionals develop advanced applications faster, and how it enables them to better align business and IT through citizen development strategies. But how does it work? And what the heck does the platform actually look like?

In our latest whitepaper, “The Developer’s Manual for the Betty Blocks Platform”, we’ll take you on a journey through the most important technical features of no-code. The journey is created for IT professionals and experienced developers. We don’t want to tell you what you already know, so we’ll leave out the basics. 

Sounds alright? Download your copy of the whitepaper here

Key takeaways of this whitepaper include:

  • What the platform architecture looks like; 
  • The significance of the Builder Bar and its primary development features;
  • The Data Model, Actions, Back-Office, Block Store, and other rapid application development tools.

The Developer's Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform