No-Code: The Rocket Fuel for a Successful Digital Transformation

No-code- The rocket fuel for a successful digital transformation_blogpost

So you’ve decided to reap the benefits of digital transformation within your organization. Good choice, but how do you get started? Before you start running, it’s important to have an outlook on where you’re going. Here are a few starting points:

  • It’s about people moreso than technology.

  • Flexibility and speed are what will keep businesses from failing.

  • Results results results. Always think about your results.

No-code as a development method can tie these areas together seamlessly.

Digital transformation is about people, not systems

Digital transformation: The term implies that it’s about a change in the digital world. Although the core of that is true, technology isn’t really the focus. It’s about improving processes for and by people, often by the use of technology as a byproduct.

What your employees really want are tools that can best facilitate their work. Your clients want a product or service that best fits their needs. The wishes of your people, both internal and external, determine the extent to which technology has to be used. On the one hand might be a completely groundbreaking platform with all the bells and whistles on it. But on the other hand, a simple backend application that digitizes an old-fashioned Excel system might be the happy middle ground that meets everyone’s needs.

It’s not always straightforward to bring both sides along with the development of your digital transformation. No-code is a development method that is perfectly fit for co-creation. By developing in a visual way, people can think along with the development process without any knowledge about coding. This way you can create side-by-side with the business developer on a web application that fits your people the best, with everyone understanding the full process.

Flexibility and speed

Developing in cooperation with the people who are going to use the application in the end is a good first step, but it still doesn’t guarantee that your digital transformation will be successful. For that you need testing, further development, and re-testing.

The world is changing fast, and the wishes and expectations of your clients go along with it. Our ability to adjust is a crucial factor for success. Difficulty being flexible, cumbersome legacy systems, and a long lead time are the things that really hurt an organization today. When you’re finally up-to-date again after a so-called innovation, the next adjustments have already come along. Not very practical.

One of the strongest qualities of no-code is the simplicity and ease with which you make adjustments. With pre-programmed components, you can easily change something in your platform by ‘drag and drop’. So much easier. In a few clicks, your platform is adjusted while the system remains stable. Along the way of developing and far beyond, adjusting it is easy to do. This way your web application is always a product market fit.


A lot of companies set digital transformation as final goal, but it’s actually all about results. After all, a digital transformation with no purpose isn’t only useless, it’s also a waste of investment.

Before you start with developing you have to set a goal that is above “digitally transforming.” But why should you start your digital transformation with a no-code platform to achieve this goal, whatever it is?

  • Short time-to-market

  • More ROI by adding value continuously

  • Less total costs by not having to buy expensive legacy systems

  • More satisfaction by employees

  • Happier customers

With no-code, you’ll know quickly if your goal is achievable, or if the goal itself needs to be adjusted or if the application just needs to be changed. In the last case, it’s done very fast with no-code.

Don’t miss out on opportunities that can be easily taken

If you don’t have any experience with no-code web application development yet, the route can seem overwhelming. But fear not: we’re here to light the path forward for you. 


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