Inside Betty Blocks: Meet Paul, the Platform Godfather


At Betty Blocks, we know people are the true force of innovation. Our team is full of individuals who uniquely contribute to our mission to help innovators succeed with no-code. We want to introduce each member of our team, so you can get to know us better. Now, meet Paul!

The Godfather of Betty Blocks

If you ever wondered where the ingenuity for our no-code platform came from, you’ll find that out now. Paul Engel is the VP of Architecture at Betty Blocks, but we like to call him the Platform-Godfather.

In 2004, Paul started his software development internship at Holder, a company that provided businesses with custom-built, stand-alone applications.

Paul was creating different Windows apps at the time and recognized that the applications resembled each other. By the end of 2005, he had written his college thesis based on creating a Delphi IDE plug-in that lets you generate (and update) Holder framework-based ERP applications. In other words, creating one application that lets you build more applications from it. This concept lead to the foundation of the no-code platform and in 2011, Betty Blocks was created. You can see Paul’s thesis in action below:



Motivated by Community

Paul shows true characteristics of a godfather through his selfless willingness to share knowledge. His Big Hairy Audacious goal is to build things that a lot of people can use, as he did with our no-code platform. Coincidentally a Youtube video which he can relate to is “The surprising truth about what motivates us.” Paul considers himself often being a perfectionist when it comes to coding and he truly wants to help people by building and sharing resources. This is shown by his perseverance to write software outside of work, which he contributes to the Open Source community, and the urge to master programming. Paul has dedicated many hours to writing libraries (mostly Ruby gems and Javascript libraries), and sharing them on Github.


A Real Techie

Paul is not only a creator but his interest in technology also extends as a consumer. He recently visited a Virtual Reality Arcade with his team of developers. Each person was equipped with a backpack that had a computer, a VR headset (the oculus rift), and a rifle (made of plastic). The beauty of the arcade is that the room is completely empty, because the environment is well, virtual! We like to imagine our colleagues walking carefully, yet intensely around an empty room as they take out zombies. (Apparently, no one walked into each other!) Paul sees VR as a practical technology for the future, beyond gaming. Because it opens new dimensions, VR can be used for education, such as driving lessons or creating a classroom setting.

Paul can also fly...his drone. Yes, Paul owns a drone and he uses it to capture unique footage of the environment. When asked about the controversy over using drones, Paul had this to say: “It’s too bad that people can misuse the technology. It ruins it for the other people that want to use it for recreation. I do understand and agree on preserving the safety of the environment.”

Of course, cryptocurrency is not excluded from this list. Mention Bitcoin and you’ll see Paul’s face light up. While he doesn’t mine bitcoin, he does find cryptocurrency to be a fascinating table discussion topic. In a practical sense, he’s not sure if bitcoin is a sustainable payment system but he’s curious about the possibilities.

Among all revolutionary technology, Paul’s favorite device is his laptop. As we say at Betty Blocks, you can take away the code from application development but you can’t take away the laptop from the developer.

Sports, Sushi and…Caesar?

Paul enjoys various hobbies during the weekends that bring out his competitive spirit, like watching Formula 1 and playing various sports. From GoKarting, bowling, playing pool, soccer and any variation of tennis to taking care of his brother’s dogs, Sushi and Caesar, Paul is always aiming to be his best self - trying to improve his skills while being helpful to others.

Want to challenge Paul to a game of table tennis? He is looking for colleagues! If you're interested in working at a dynamic, and fast-growing technology company, apply for a position with Betty Blocks here.