Betty Blocks Acquires Application Developer Holder

PRESS RELEASE - The Netherlands - 18 February 2019 - No-code platform Betty Blocks announces today that it has acquired application development partner Holder. The companies had already worked together extensively and share the same history and background, so the acquisition was the next logical step for both to grow. Betty Blocks is well on the way to democratizing application development, and has the ambition to become a world leader in citizen development and no-code platforms for enterprises.

The exponential growth of Betty Blocks (360% year on year growth) creates a demand for even more expertise to support customers and the partner channel in the development of applications. The acquisition of Holder fits perfectly in the strategy to make customers even more successful.

The acquisition enables Betty Blocks to better support partners. Partners will increase their success with the Betty Blocks Academy, which provides training in no-code development. "With the addition of Holder, we acquire a huge knowledge base. We’re now better positioned to meet the market’s needs," explains Betty Blocks CEO Chris Obdam. The partner channel is also developing internationally at a rapid pace, with partners in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and Western Europe.

Invest in success

As a no-code platform, Betty Blocks provides a way for organizations to create complex applications without programming knowledge. Where Betty Blocks delivers the platform, an implementation partner or the customer builds the actual application. Through the acquisition, Betty Blocks can offer better support in the development of the applications. As a result, customers are even more successful on the platform even faster. In addition, the company invests heavily in the aforementioned Betty Blocks Academy. In the Academy, trainers train organizations in no-code and citizen development.

International growth

Betty Blocks has successfully rolled out their international strategy with offices in Atlanta (USA), and London. In addition, the development strength of the team in the Netherlands is even greater and there is a great deal of focus on customer success.

No-code application development is the future

The manpower available with the acquisition provides support for the current breakthrough in the international enterprise world. Enterprises increasingly opt for Betty Blocks. This strengthens the company from Alkmaar's position in the global low-code/no-code market. No-code application development is the future, and this is increasingly urged by more and more organizations. With the fusion of Holder and Betty Blocks, Betty Blocks makes a serious mark on the international IT landscape.

What will change with this takeover?

There is little change for existing Holder customers. The development team of Holder is still working on developing applications: the only change is that from now on they do this as Betty Blocks. For Betty Blocks, this means that in addition to an application platform, they now have a large development team at their disposal for additional projects, with which they can support their network of partners.

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