How to unlock your SAP data to become flexible and agile

Many organizations have been relying on SAP’s services for many years - to full satisfaction. They’ve been able to completely customize their systems and use the valuable data and information SAP offers, but encounter an obstacle nonetheless.

For many organizations developing systems with SAP, the reality is that they still run on On Prem, while the high-paced, current environment nowadays asks for a fast and easy way of working in the cloud. Migrating their systems to the cloud is problematic, as the On Prem core systems are tailored to the business’ wishes over the years, and this is hard to trace back and translate to the cloud.

The Developer's Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform

Migrating to SAP in the cloud often means setting up a new cloud, and a lot of complicated data migration - a long and costly process - for complex landscapes this takes years and costs millions -, as all customizations need to be redone. Therefore it can be complicated to migrate a large, advanced application. Luckily, it is also possible to make the information accessible in the cloud by creating a ‘layer’ of cloud applications on top of your On Prem systems. This way you can keep running your SAP system, without migrating to the cloud, and also have the benefits of modern cloud solutions.

Although an On Prem system may be tailored to the business’ needs (this usually happens over the years), there are plenty of disadvantages of working On Prem. Working remotely is not always possible, usually it’s quite complicated to build and use a mobile app based on the data in On Prem systems, and it’s not flexible. It’s complicated to integrate cloud technologies with On Prem systems.   

The Betty Blocks platform works as an extension to on-premise solutions using SAP Extension Suite, enabling businesses to:

  • speed up digital transformation whilst planning or migrating SAP systems;
  • create cloud-enabled apps using on-premise data;
  • fill in functionality gaps in existing software with powerful microapps or service; and
  • create portals, dashboards and reporting using data from multiple sources with Betty Blocks’ cloud, bridging the information between systems. 

Depending on an organization's needs, companies can combine SAP technologies with Betty Blocks to rapidly build business applications that connect to on-premise, hybrid or cloud solutions. 

In the case of Betty Blocks, a company’s data may reside in SAP technologies while still taking advantage of everything no-code has to offer. As more organizations continue to focus on disruption, no-code enables them to deliver consistent, rapid and high-value technologies to the core information silos, building real value without the hurdles presented by traditional programming. 

With Betty Blocks, you can build cloud-based applications that support on-premise data. That way, you can facilitate a flexible and agile way of working and digitally transform your business. As soon as you’ve migrated your core systems to the cloud, you can convert the applications to the Cloud ERP systems. This means that even though a full migration from On Prem SAP to the cloud is time-consuming and expensive, you can facilitate all applications and solutions for your employees already. 

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