EsperantoXL accelerates digital transformation for organizations by utilizing the Betty Blocks platform


The new partnership between Betty Blocks and EsperantoXL is a fact. The forces are unified, from now on EsperantoXL utilizes the Betty Blocks Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform for her customers. EsperantoXL can now rapidly deliver custom made software and supports organizations even better with their digital transformation.
Roel Hoeks, Director at EsperantoXL:"We quickly found that our most successful projects had a time to market of less than 3 months. We realize we need a strong partner capable of high-quality rapid application delivery. We found the perfect fit with Betty Blocks."

Short time to market key factor for success
Looking back at the past years, EsperantoXL concluded that their most successful projects had a time to market of less than three months. Not unexpectedly, this supports the conclusion that speed is a key factor for success in IT projects. EsperantoXL also drew the conclusion that traditional programming does not suffice when trying to realize this kind of speed. Looking for new possibilities to rapidly offer high-quality custom made software, EsperantoXL decided Betty Blocks would be the perfect way to go. The partnership is now a fact, and the first results are promising.

Speed: the customer expects it, organizations are looking for it
EsperantoXL optimizes customers’ operational processes and seamlessly integrates them into existing IT environments. Utilizing the Betty Blocks platform speeds up this process by 10x compared to traditional programming. Betty Blocks speeds up the time to market for customer applications which gives EsperantoXL the advantage it needs over its competitors.

By rapidly delivering applications and optimizing processes, EsperantoXL accelerates the digital transformation of organizations, and at the same time creates innovation strength. This creates a positive spiral towards an organization’s customers and the customer journey. In this day and age, speed isn’t a question anymore; it’s an expectation.

Shared vision on software modernization
The partnership between Betty Blocks and EsperantoXL emerged from their shared vision on software development. Modern times ask for a modern approach. Especially when it comes to software development. It needs to be faster, easier and more accessible for everybody. Stop programming, start visually modeling.

About EsperantoXL
EsperantoXL specializes in accelerating digital transformation for their customers. With extensive experience in optimizing business-critical processes, EsperantoXL fully aligns an organization’s IT landscape with their current business processes.