Enigmatry chooses innovation & speed; the way to keep on winning!


We’re proud to announce that Enigmatry and Betty Blocks are a match and this new partnership was an instant success with two new projects! This partnership combines the best of two worlds: Enigmatry’s knowledge and craftsmanship with the Betty Blocks platform’s innovation and development speed: plenty of ingredients for a fruitful cooperation.

An organization’s strength lies in their ability to renew

Enigmatry supports organizations in developing new concepts and applications. Either traditionally tailor-made, or more future oriented using a no-code platform. To enable innovation and increase the team's output, utilizing the right no-code platform is a guaranteed success. In their search for a high-quality no-code platform, they found that Betty Blocks best suits their needs. Thanks to the unique combination of Enigmatry’s company DNA and the innovative leadership of the Betty Blocks platform, they will maximize their growth, boost earnings and create fresh opportunities for their organization.

"Enigmatry and Betty Blocks have been a winning combination from the very start. Our customers instantly realized the platform’s potential and we even launched two new projects right away." - Jelle de Haan, CEO at Enigmatry

Why Betty Blocks

By 2023, everyone can build an application. That's our big, hairy and audacious goal. And everything we do is based on that goal; it increases developer happiness. The future of app development lies in the hands of humans, and not on systems or software. The platform's speed and ease of use save companies time and resources.

Of course, the platform's innovative character combined with the ease of use is an important reason for Enigmatry to partner with us, but equally important are our personal approach and the short and direct lines of communication Enigmatry strongly identifies with. Our focus on people is what truly sets us apart.

About Enigmatry

Software company Enigmatry has been around for more than ten years and has developed into an authoritative IT-company with a team consisting of more than eighty specialists. Developing clever IT-applications, designing, building and maintaining. That is our passion. We offer you solutions to further strengthen your company and your ability to execute. For example, when you:
  • want to make data comprehensible.
  • manage your applications efficiently.
  • want to market a new idea.

About Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is the only true no-code platform for developing business, web and mobile applications at the speed of light. In a world where speed prevails, Betty Blocks allows you to swiftly enable innovation and digital transformation. Empowering people to look for the right solutions themselves without the limitations of programming or technology.