EAU’s ‘Oxygen’ Application Earns Best Event Technology Award

Congratulations to Antoine van der Velden, Project Manager at the European Association of Urology. Together with his development team, Antoine succeeded in creating an award-winning event management and process improvement application entirely using Betty Blocks' no-code platform. Read their customer case for more info.

Their custom solution, named ‘Oxygen,’ earned the award for “Best Use of Technology in Events” at the 2019 Associations World Congress (AWC) in Gothenburg. The AWC’s annual event brings association leaders from around Europe together for knowledge sharing, networking, and to celebrate innovations.


A cut above the rest

Oxygen is an extensive back-end system which was unveiled at the EAU’s annual conference in 2018 alongside its online and mobile components for guests and employees. Of course, not every application can be an award winner. So what was it about Oxygen that made it stand out among the competition?

Antoine and his team showcased true innovation expertise when designing Oxygen. Initially, the EAU had set out to create an event management solution to process and manage their expected 13,000 conference attendees – a time-consuming process which was previously handled manually. Their new system is now capable of completely automating almost every aspect of their guest's experience.

Antoine is continuing to expand the functionality of Oxygen far beyond just their conferences. Today, Oxygen is a sprawling backend which is used in nearly every department of the EAU. It includes process improvement solutions for logistics, finance, payments, a fully integrated CRM system and more.

Balancing business processes and users

The EAU’s balance of user-driven and business-minded practices are key elements to the success of their application. High-quality innovation solutions like Oxygen stand out among the competition, especially when compared to standardized, third-party applications. Using the Betty Blocks development platform will allow the EAU to continue to scale up, meeting demands for future ventures with new innovations.

Congratulations once again to Antoine and his team, keep up the great work! We look forward to seeing what new developments you will continue to create within Oxygen.

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