Bricklog Becomes Logistics Heavyweight with Citizen Development Partnership

Being a pioneer in all things new, especially in business, shows character, confidence, and, well let’s just put it out there, some big balls. When it comes to being a pioneer, consultancy firm Bricklog brings some serious game to the table. They do this in the primary process (logistics, transportation, and forwarding) and also in the secondary process (quality, sustainability, safety, fleet management, finance, sales, management information, and recruitment).

But, their game isn’t limited to the domain of consultancy. They throw a great left hook as well.

The right setup for a knockout

Bricklog is all about connecting people, companies, and processes. As a consultancy firm focused on logistics, they go above and beyond to add value for their clients. Before implementing a citizen development strategy, they were limited to applications already available in the market.

This works great to get you 80% of the way there, but if you really want to make a difference, customization is the way to go. For example, Bricklog can now deliver transport management systems catered to the specific needs of all their clients. ‘One size fits all’ solutions simply can’t fill that gap.


But, why citizen development?

Custom applications are one thing, but Bricklog noticed a development in the world that demanded they go a step further in their innovative approach:

  1. Data is becoming more and more important;

  2. IT professionals are becoming a scarcity;

  3. The business wants to be part of the development process, and;

  4. Software is eating the world.

Add these together and you end up with a gap that only citizen development can fill.

Bricklog will invest heavily in educating students and new hires in becoming citizen developers. They’re already in touch with universities to give students the ability to add citizen development as a superpower to their résumé. Betty Blocks will take on the humble duty of training all the citizen developers to reach ninja-level proficiency.

Is citizen development the next logical step for your business? Download the whitepaper below and find out.

Betty Blocks - Rise of the Citizen Developer