BlockBrains Partners with Betty Blocks to Optimize IT Solutions

Alkmaar - 31 January 2019 - Betty Blocks, the leading no-code platform, today announced its partnership with start-up BlockBrains. BlockBrains will be fully developing on Betty Blocks and is off to a running start with their first client Precon Group for whom they will develop a workflow application.

How Kay and Allard embark on an entrepreneurial journey

Founders Kay Lankheet and Allard Brand set out to fill the gap between IT and business with BlockBrains. With a dedicated team of Betty Blocks experts, they deliver a wide range of solutions to get the maximum out of every application. Think of custom made websites and portals, workflow systems, and mobile apps, all based on the no-code platform and integrated with existing backend systems.

Kay Lankheet, founder of BlockBrains: "With ten years of experience in software development each, Allard and I are looking forward to entrepreneurship. From our knowledge and experience in the low-code market, it is a small step to the no-code platform of Betty Blocks. In addition to a challenging growth ambition, our goal is to become the number one Betty Blocks partner.”

BlockBrains and Betty Blocks came to partner because of a similarity in vision. Says Kay,  “We do this by fully dedicating ourselves to the excellent delivery of projects and long-term relationships with the customer. We believe that technical knowledge of software development is only one part of the process. A critical attitude and the ability to ask the right questions ensures that we develop technically good applications, but also that the application matches seamlessly with the needs of the user.”

The need for BlockBrains

The speed of application development needs to increase rapidly. One-size-fits-all solutions only take you so far and simply won’t cut it these days. The way BlockBrains connects the business side to the development side gives organizations the edge to stay ahead in a competitive market.

“The clear match and partnership between BlockBrains and Betty Blocks are rooted in our shared vision on application development. No matter what kind of company you run, IT is the backbone of your business,” says Tom Oudhuis, VP of Channel Sales at Betty Blocks. “The demand for software is exploding right now and BlockBrains enables organizations to innovate fast. That’s exactly what Betty Blocks is built for.”  

Want to know why companies like BlockBrains choose to partner with Betty or what the platform can do for you? Join us for Betty Blocks on Stage on 14 March and experience all things no-code. Sign up below, tickets are free and the festival is pretty much awesome. See you there!

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