What's in a Vision? The Betty Blocks Story


At Betty Blocks, our no-code platform goes beyond faster application development. The vision that drives us is to empower every human to build applications without being constrained by technology. We want to help organizations achieve innovation by speeding up the process from idea to delivery so that your business doesn’t fall behind in the age of digital transformation.

But what’s in a vision? First things first: A big, hairy and audacious goal. This is ours: By 2023, anyone can build an application.

We are continuously working to make application development possible for everyone. Yes, everyone. 'How can we make it easier' is the foundation of everything we do, and so is the ambition to help companies drive their innovation.

How do we do this? First, by helping you build solutions to conquer your biggest obstacles.

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Solving lingering problems

One of the most crucial issues we want to help you address is the lack of skilled programmers in the workforce. This is causing a delay of progression in business in the form of long IT backlogs, lack of productivity, and a focus on small tasks instead of business goals, for example.

Businesses have an ongoing demand for applications and need solutions fast. No-code unlocks the potential of a broader portion of the workforce (citizen developers) to meet this demand and build solutions rapidly, easily and effectively using visual modelling. According to market analysts, Betty Blocks is the most user-friendly platform available today, giving these citizen developers (who may not have a technical background) the tools they need to address business needs now--which makes citizen developers the new face of application development.

Betty Blocks also increases efficiency, efficiently. With advances in technology increasing competition as customers gain more decision making power, companies are being pushed toward changes in their operations in order to survive. Organizations must respond by being able to work more efficiently and react to industry changes faster.

No-code streamlines the application development process, facilitating digital transformation and enabling you to rapidly launch new services to customers. 

Driving Innovation

Innovation, of course, gives rise to the growth of your business. The path to innovation starts with the business, but then must transfer to IT as it becomes necessary to involve software in business operations. Digital transformation is the engine that moves this process forward, and companies need to revise their visions and plans for growth to align with a digital future. No-code platforms encourage the entire digital transformation process, from idea to experimentation to solution to innovation, by facilitating the effective and efficient implementation of new ideas that develop new solutions to transform your business.


People are at the center of everything we do. We believe that the future of innovation lies in the hands of humans, not systems, and we want businesses to be able to optimize their human potential by giving more employees the tools to develop applications.

Betty Blocks was founded by brothers Chris and Tim Obdam. Both internet entrepreneurs, Chris is a programmer by nature while Tim is in charge of operations. Because of the division of roles, Tim found that he often needed Chris if adjustments to an application or website needed to be made. It occurred to Tim that if he could do this himself, the work would be so much easier, faster and efficient. And so the idea for a no-code platform that makes application development possible for everyone was born.

… and cows

Why the name Betty Blocks? Chris and Tim grew up in a small village in the Netherlands, where a community of Dutch farmers instilled traditional values of working hard and staying down-to-earth. The brothers wanted these values to be the foundation of our company culture as well, and were inspired by the local agricultural industry--Betsy is a popular name for Dutch cows (we ultimately chose Betty instead, out of respect for the cows’ wishes to preserve their privacy away from the public eye of course). The second part of our name refers to our proposition to build apps with visual modeling of pre-programmed ‘blocks.’

Want to learn more about how our vision shapes faster application development to make it possible for you to achieve your biggest, hairiest and most audacious goals? Register for a free demo today!

The Developer's Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform