Betty Blocks Welcomes M+ Group to Their Partner Program

M+ is joining Betty Blocks’ partner program. For over twenty-five years, M+ has excelled in solutions improving customer communication. They build and design the optimal customer experience by using the best and most innovative technologies. M+ strongly believes in the power of unlocking organizations’ full potential through digital transformation. That’s why M+ is launching a toolbox for enterprises to get them started right away. 

With a track record of companies like Coca-Cola, KLM, and Jaguar Land Rover, M+ demonstrated that they are a true market leader. The customer communication solutions they have built improve customer experience, increase loyalty, and make organizations more flexible. 

"We always look for the best solution – for any challenge we face,” René Posthuma, business consultant at  M+, explains. “Quite a few years back, our IT department built a data entry application. The tool enabled us to set up tailor-made email campaigns for our clients, without any technological limitations. However, nowadays this app is outdated. We started looking for a new tool that would allow us to meet every client’s needs. And when Betty Blocks crossed our path, we knew we had a very powerful solution at hand.” 

Citizen Development

No-code development platform Betty Blocks enables organizations to maximize their potential by accelerating development and empowering a new 'breed' of developers in the organization: citizen developers. "Thanks to the platform, our IT department develops technological solutions way faster than they did – and immediately adopts them for (daily) use. Our turnover times improved significantly. Working with a no-code platform is beneficial on many levels in any organization, yet we see that many (big) companies are hesitant to make the switch. When we realized we can help these organizations implement a no-code platform, the collaboration with Betty Blocks really took off."

Currently, the tech team at M+ consists of ten low-code and no-code developers, but the organization plans to grow significantly. “Within eighteen months, we want to double the team in size. Along with that, we are launching a toolbox for enterprise organizations,” Posthuma explains. M+ focuses on organizations that are stuck in their digital transformation. “We help them to put together the right team, set up preconditions, and advise along the way. After all, with the right tools, anyone can accelerate their digital transformation through citizen development.”  

Betty Blocks is on a mission

“Like us, M+ sees the potential of a no-code platform, combined with developers from within their business. That’s why we are absolutely pleased with the fact that M + is joining our network and helping enterprise organizations taking their first steps towards unlocking this ecosystem of opportunities.Chris Obdam, CEO at Betty Blocks, adds.


Getting Started with Citizen Development whitepaper