Betty Blocks announces 153% recurring revenue growth over the first quarter of 2017

Betty Blocks in the Netherlands is proving itself to be the fastest growing HPaPaaS platform which helps accelerate application delivery. This company is excited to share a continued growth with success in several fields; customer acquisition, partnerships, and internationalization.

For the third consecutive year, Betty Blocks has achieved over 100% growth in recurring revenue, specifically 153%. Thousands of new users have started using the Betty Blocks platform, including many leading global organizations like Sligro Food Group, Tele2 and the City of Amsterdam.

This growth enabled significant investments in the platform and organization, along with the formation of strategic partnerships with new Betty Blocks partners.

Tremendous growth of the partner network
At the end of 2016, Betty Blocks made the switch from having a project organizational structure to having a product organizational structure. This resulted in projects being applied to the best partner for the job. The Betty Blocks partner network has grown in the first quarter of 2017 by 120%, in comparison to 2016.

Chris Obdam, CEO at Betty Blocks: We are all working very hard, and this continuous growth is a clear result of this. We are also excited about what we have in store for the second quarter of 2017, so it’s all looking very positive for the future.

The growth of the partner network has also impacted Betty Blocks’ international growth. Betty Blocks is now active in three new countries and one new continent; Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA are now added to the portfolio.

About Betty Blocks
Betty Blocks, a fast growing IT company from the Netherlands offers with their RAD platform, an application development platform for business, web and mobile applications. By using the visual model builder, custom made applications are designed rapidly and easily. Due to accessibility, every application easily integrates with other systems. As a result of this, applications are developed to be up to 10x faster than traditional coding. Betty Blocks is acknowledged by Gartner (2016).