Announcing Our New Integration: Betty Blocks + Imanage; Adding Workflow and Customer-Facing Capabilities

With over one million professional users worldwide, document and email system iManage is no stranger to the legal industry.

For an industry that heavily relies on documents and communication, having something in place like iManage is a lifesaver in terms of process optimization. However, there's still room to streamline processes even better. One of the ways to do that is to integrate iManage with Betty Blocks. With this integration, you'll create powerful workflows, build branded customer solutions, and optimize your document process without relying on email.

Hitting 'send' a moment too soon

Legal professionals have constantly growing workloads and responsibilities, with various matters running simultaneously. Meanwhile, clients have increasingly high demands and expect digitally-facilitated, quick, high-quality legal services. Speed is of the essence. And when speed and manual labor meet, mistakes are bound to happen.

Picture this scenario: you're working on numerous matters and are in the middle of contract negotiation. You've rallied the internal troops to comment on the document and are ready to send the iterated version to the other party. You write the email, attach the document, and hit 'send'. Only to realize you've added the wrong version containing sensitive internal notes.


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Apart from the risks of sharing confidential information, fixing and mitigating the damage takes more time and resources. Time and resources legal teams don't have. According to an EY survey, a whopping 20% of in-house counsel hours are spent on repetitive, low-complexity, and routine tasks, such as emailing documents.

Looking at the overall iManage workflow, legal teams run into a few key challenges:

  • Versioning problems
  • Heavily relying on email for document sharing
  • Accidentally sharing confidential information
  • Centralizing documents from dispersed data sources
  • Pressure from clients for improved customer services

The good news is that you can quickly fix these key challenges by extending the capabilities of your iManage setup by integrating with Betty Blocks.

Take document management and sharing to the next level

If there's one thing legal firms can do to upgrade their capabilities instantly, without disrupting their current workflow and tech stack, it's integrate with a no-code / low-code platform. Firms need functionality to share and collaborate on their knowledge and documents with the entire firm internally and with clients externally. This is where Betty Blocks comes in.

Legal teams that integrate iManage with Betty Blocks unlock many capabilities, for example:

  • Add more custom fields and workflow functionality onto iManage for document reviewing and editing.
  • Create powerful customer portals for document creating, sharing, and storing.
  • Store documents generated through Betty Blocks into the correct iManage folder.
  • Glue all tooling in your tech stack together with Betty Blocks, so everything works perfectly in sync.

Three popular solutions that elevate your iManage workflow

Looking at the extra capabilities the integration between iManage and Betty Blocks brings, three specific solutions are in high demand because they add a lot of value to your workflow fast:

1. Document review solution

Get to a signed contract faster, without sending a single email or creating a new version.

Upload documents from iManage into the document review solution, which are stored in iManage and edited in Betty Blocks. Through a dashboard display, users can see all ongoing reviews and those they are requested to participate in. When creating a document for review, you can configure and assign responsibilities. Individuals can see their team members' suggestions and edits, but not those from other teams. Every party works in the same cloud-based version. Once all parties agree upon the changes, the final document is streamed back into iManage, where the data shows the complete document editing, viewing, and reviewing history.


2. Customer portals

Increase customer satisfaction and save time with a powerful customer portal

Integrate iManage with your Betty Blocks customer knowledge base. Create a self-service application through which clients can quickly, 24/7, access your firms' expertise without the involvement of a legal professional. Use the Betty Blocks application as a customer-facing self-serve portal to specific iManage files and documents. No need to manually put the information and guidance into the application.

3. Assessment solutions

Save time and resources with tailored questionnaires that upload generated reports to the correct iManage folder.

Create your customized survey with a ready-to-use questionnaire template. The dynamic questionnaire asks the right questions at the right time. You can also invite users to participate in your questionnaire. Once the assessment is completed, Betty Blocks automatically renders a report with scoring and uploads it in the correct iManage folder. An example of the many assessments you can make is a risk assessment solution.

Getting one step ahead with a solid foundation

The legal industry has been notoriously behind when it comes to digital transformation. But, many leading law firms are utilizing the capabilities of modern tooling to optimize internal processes and create innovative customer solutions with great success. A key factor in getting ahead and experiencing value fast is not to disrupt your current way of working by replacing your tech stack.


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The best thing you can do is improve on what you're already doing. Look for ways to enhance your current setup and make sure that it will also fit your future IT landscape. There's no shortage in tooling currently available, but the key factors in your vendor selection process should be integration capabilities and customization. When these two things are correctly in place, you have a setup that will scale regardless of your route. If not, you'll eventually run into limitations, resulting in having to replace platforms and rebuild solutions.

When your foundation is solid, you'll save time on mundane tasks, minimize human errors, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and ultimately be ahead of the game.

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