Announcing Our New Integration: Betty Blocks + HighQ; Supercharge Your Tech Stack, Extend Your Capabilities, and Build Customer-Facing Solutions

Providing digitally-enabled, quick, accessible, and competitive services to clients is crucial within the legal industry. With the Betty Blocks and HighQ integration, law firms and legal departments can supercharge their tech stack, extend their existing capabilities, and build powerful customer-facing solutions.

Here's the current situation. While lawyers' workloads continue to grow, clients' expectations and wealth of choices are also increasing. Meanwhile, innovative law firms and new legal tech companies are gaining ground, offering better services for less. Thus, your law firm or in-house department requires the correct tools to stay competitive. 

Not only this, but your firm needs tech solutions which will continue to support your clients and legal professionals as the industry and your business needs evolve. By digitally innovating, your organization becomes increasingly tech-literate and digitally capable. As a result, you need tech solutions which continually empower and facilitate, not limit this growth. 

By supercharging your Thomson Reuters HighQ foundation with Betty Blocks, you provide your firm with a tech environment which supports and empowers your organization at every stage of your digital journey. Through this integration, your firm can extend your capabilities, stay ahead of competition, and sky-rocket your fully bespoke digital solutions. 

When combined, HighQ and Betty Blocks enable law firms and in-house departments to build customized, powerful, data-powered client portals. Let’s take a closer look at the integration.

Supercharge your tech stack


An Elevating Integration

HighQ: a strong foundation

HighQ is a Thomson Reuters cloud-based, modern, adaptable legal operations and business management software that simplifies legal processes and enables workflow automation among law firms and in-house departments. Used by 80% of law firms, HighQ is an essential go-to tool because of its robust and high security standards, document management capabilities, collaborative elements, and various add-ons. Additionally, HighQ is accessible to clients, enabling firms to elevate the client experience by combining technology and process improvement. 

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Betty Blocks: a powerful addition

Betty Blocks is a no-code platform, empowering the legal industry to custom and independently build digital solutions. Based on ease-of-use and simplicity, endless customization capabilities, and a great user experience, Betty Blocks is optimized for creating powerful customer-facing applications. 

By building Betty Blocks onto your HighQ foundation, you enable your firm to supercharge your tech capabilities, and sky-rocket your customer support. 

Through Betty Blocks, users can extend the capabilities of and add custom functionality to their HighQ foundation. This includes elements such as adding bespoke data and input fields, various user permissions, actions systems, and notifications. That is to say: rather than changing the way of working, this integration elevates and optimizes your firm’s foundation. 

Through integrating the two platforms, your firm exploits the capabilities of both, and is empowered to build user-friendly, data-powered, secure client portals 

Directly available in the Block Store and as user-friendly as can be, the one-click integration is directly accessible and, of course, requires no coding. 


The Integration - 4 Key Benefits

1. Build powerful client portals 

Using Betty Blocks and HighQ, your firm can create powerful, user-friendly, bespoke client portals which: 

  • Are fully customized for your organization and in line with your branding

  • Map onto the exact needs of your clients and elevate customer support

  • Are user-friendly and straightforward

2. Extend your capabilities 

With the Betty Blocks platform, your firm can build out capabilities and functions onto HighQ. The application enables you to add custom data and input fields, create specific actions, enable notification systems, and specify user permissions. Data fields added in a Betty Blocks application, for example, correspond directly to fields then created in iSheets, allowing the direct flow of data. This creates a seamless workflow, and creates an automated process which supercharges your firm.

3. Exploit your data 

Through this integration, your firm is enabled to optimally use and secure your data as information flows seamlessly between the platforms. Betty Blocks applications are powered, informed, and reinforced with the HighQ data source as a backbone. Meanwhile, data collected within the applications is streamlined into iSheets and HighQ, and kept in a secure environment.

4. Guarantee security 

As a cloud-based platform with Grade-A security features, HighQ enables firms to leverage the full power of Betty Blocks by backing up all information and data. Through the integration, all information on clients, internal documents, and private data is kept safe in a fully secure, governed environment. 


A Limitless Future 

By integrating two platforms which boost your capabilities and remove any limitations, you leverage the full potential of your firm or department. 

Combining HighQ and Betty Blocks empowers your firm and legal department to build user-friendly, fully customized customer-facing applications powered by data and already integrated with your existing systems. Meanwhile, this integration removes any barriers or limitations your firm might experience in the future, supporting your firm to consistently stay one step ahead. 

Curious to know more about Betty Block's integration capabilities? Check them all out here. 

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