All We Want for Christmas is Your Vote

We’re over the moon with excitement, but we’ll keep this short and sweet. We have been nominated for the Dutch IT-Awards, in the category ‘Software Innovator of the Year’ and that’s kind of a big deal. Times like these reassure us that our Northern star shines brightly to guide us in the right direction, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to take on the heavyweights of the industry!

But we need your help to really reach the stars!  Vote for us here :)

An itch that needed a scratch

When our founding brothers, Chris and Tim, started Betty Blocks 6 years ago, it was because they were searching for something that didn’t yet exist. They had an itch and it needed to be scratched. At the time they were 10 years into their application development company Holder, and Ruby on Rails wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Enter Betty Blocks: Their new platform became the backbone of the application development company and has matured to the competitive platform that it is today. As you can imagine, we’re humbled and grateful for the opportunity to take on the big boys on the low-code/no-code scene.

Vote, vote, vote

So, if you haven’t already, give us some love! Voting is in Dutch, but for our non-Dutchie friends our category is in section 15, and no, you don’t have to vote for all sections. Don't forget to submit the confirmation mail as well.

So help us win a HUGE honor and cast your vote here: