Why No-Code Platforms Are Key Digital Transformation Tools Rather Than a Shadow IT Nightmare


These days, every organization is a software company, whether they like it or not. To keep up with increasing customer demand for agility and speed, businesses have to digitally transform and innovate. And with a shortage of IT developers, businesses need the help of no-code platforms to give power to their innovation department. These platforms remove the need to write code, so any tech-savvy employee can use them to contribute to this cause. We call these empowered business users Citizen Developers.

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Instead of business users creating their own workaround solutions via Excel sheets and Lotus Notes -- activities that are sanctioned outside of the IT department, no-code platforms are centrally governed by your IT team. This decreases the risk of runaway software that might impair the existing IT structure. No-code platforms facilitate a partnership of IT professionals and Citizen Developers, which will drive the innovation of your organization forward.

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