An Introduction to the New Page Builder Part 1: No-Coders and Citizen Developers

We're working hard on the release of our new Page Builder, and like a kid with a new toy, we just couldn’t wait to show it off. So we recorded a webinar to share the best bits — sharing is caring, after all. 

Why release a new Page builder? We’re glad you asked. It’s all to support our mission and to get us closer to our end goal: By 2023, we can all  build applications. 

The Developer's Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform

Pro-coders will always be vital, but they don’t exactly grow on trees. We need more than pro-coders alone to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for software. Bringing no-coders and citizen developers into the picture means we can meet this demand. But it also means that, by enabling business-side people to be involved in the development process, we can build advanced applications that are better aligned with business and customer needs. 

So, as a no-coder or citizen developer, how will the new Page Builder help you? Here are 3 ways we cover in the webinar: 

Managing pages 

1. Use component sets to create pages

2. Add and configure data tables

3. Create forms 

Dragging and dropping 

1. Our Page Builder utilizes a drag-and-drop interface, meaning no-coders and citizen developers can contribute to building advanced applications with limited programming knowledge.

2. Focus on the product, rather than on the code behind it! 

Theme builder

1. Customize your theme with color, icon size, typography, borders, and more! Implement your organization's brand and style right from the get-go.