Webinar: How to Connect to SAP

Want to know how to connect Betty Blocks to SAP? 

We’ll kick-off the platform demo by building a brand new application from scratch. Then — you guessed it — we’ll show you how to connect to SAP. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Or S.A.P. (Sorry).  

Why connect to SAP? 

We get it. Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) is big. Fun fact: Of all the money exchanged through global business transactions, an estimated 77% touches an SAP system!

If you’re reading this, your organization is likely using SAP to manage one or more business processes. In terms of SAP’s functional and technical modules, you might be using Human Capital Management, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution, Quality Management, etc. 

What’s this got to do with no-code? 

Well, what if you want to build advanced applications without being restricted to using existing products offered by SAP or various third-parties? What if you want the speed of development and the improved alignment between business and IT that only a no-code platform makes possible? And what if you need your no-code applications to access your SAP data? We’ve got you covered!

Key benefits of connecting to SAP

1. Build no-code applications on top of SAP;
2. Continue to use your current SAP data; 
3. Connect Betty Blocks applications to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact, and Salesforce.