The Rise of the Citizen Developer: The Secret to Successful Innovation

The Rise of the Citizen Developer: The Secret to Successful Innovation

Is your organization experiencing an IT backlog with no end in sight? Organizations today are pressured to find business solutions faster, but IT departments can’t always keep up with the demand. Citizen Developers can help reduce the burden on IT departments by using no-code platforms to develop applications and provide solutions when there are not enough developers to go around.

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Our latest whitepaper, featuring research from leading global research and advisory firm Forrester, explores the benefits that these Citizen Developers can bring to your organization when equipped with a no-code platform.

Citizen Developers are the new face of application development for their ability to support an organization’s need to develop solutions faster. A Citizen Developer is a user who builds applications to facilitate business operations. But what does a Citizen Developer look like? How do you identify them?

Citizen Developers have an aptitude to use tools to their advantage to find solutions, and they don’t need intensive training due to the ease of use of no-code platforms. As many of them are digital natives who grew up with and understand the value of software, they are open to learning and implementing new tools that increase productivity and assist their workflow. Citizen Developers are not people who can fully replace your IT department. Instead they’re an extension of your existing workforce who work closely together with your IT department to develop solutions for his or her own department. Anyone in your existing workforce can be a Citizen Developer, as long as they meet a few requirements. If you ask the experts, they all agree. Citizen Developers are: Adventurous, pragmatic, creative and innovative, tech-savvy, and true do-it-yourself types. 

As Citizen Developers are empowered and supported with these platforms, their development skills will further increase and they will ultimately be able to build applications that have higher business value. So by leveraging Citizen Development platforms, digital transformation can be accelerated even more over time.



Every industry today is facing 3 major problems in terms of digital innovation:

1. IT and the business are not perfectly aligned

2. IT doesn’t have the manpower to proactively innovate and stay ahead of the curve

3. IT is providing tools, but not educating business leaders how those tools can be used

But no longer do companies have to deal with these severe disadvantages. Because not only do no-code platforms have the potential to greatly decrease the time needed to meet business requirements (up to 10 times faster than the speed of traditional processes), they also play a vital role in automating operational processes. These platforms provide a tool for all kinds of developers to save a lot of time. By empowering both the business leaders and business users (Citizen Developers), IT teams and the business alike can accelerate innovation.

Providing Citizen Developers with a platform like Betty Blocks helps make sure that there is alignment between the goals of business and the IT department. It ensures continuity throughout your organization by making sure that Citizen Developers have the tools they need to contribute to developing solutions with IT departments. By finding and activating the Citizen Developers in your company, you can unlock their potential to work smarter towards solutions for your organizations.

Download the free whitepaper to read more about how to make sure that your organization is ready for Citizen Developers, and learn about the full force of their power to innovate.

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