Speurders.nl; Built With The New Betty Blocks Page Builder

Another success story from Betty Blocks! In only five months’ time, we’ve completely renewed Speurders.nl’s advanced application, developed and launched in our new Page Builder.

Speurders.nl is part of Mediahuis Nederland B.V. – the platform that enables organizations to create and post advertisements in national papers such as De Telegraaf and regional papers like Noordhollands Dagblad, Haarlems Dagblad and De Gooi- en Eemlander. 

Developing the Speurders.nl app using the Betty Blocks Page Builder 

The advanced Speurders.nl application was tackled using the new Betty Blocks Page Builder. The Page Builder enables you to develop the visual identity of your website and/or application by dragging and dropping reusable components. Developers using Betty Blocks are free to add code when required and Speurders.nl took advantage of this function to create their own custom components. 

According to Koen Vandaele, Group CIO at Mediahuis, "The Speurders application ran on outdated software and was due for renewal. Thanks to Betty Blocks, the new app is a lot faster, more user-friendly, and we no longer have to rely on experts but can optimize the app ourselves."

Considering you can review all changes immediately, updates can be implemented by people with little to no programming expertise. Additionally, the interface can retrieve information from the entire application, so data and processes can also easily be included. All this makes the new Speurders.nl application significantly more efficient. 

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From on-premises to web-based 

Speuders.nl’s previous application was due for renewal and in need of some TLC. It was also still hosted on a local server. By switching to Betty Blocks, Speuders.nl saw a number of improvements: 

  • the application and website are now fully responsive; 
  • the application is completely cloud-based; 
  • there is no need to hire external administrators or developers for future updates – all changes can now be made by people working at Mediahuis B.V.; 
  • all developed components are reusable for future projects.  

Publishing an advertisement in just a few clicks 

The visual aspect was crucial for the Speuders.nl project and the result is a highly user-friendly process. Users can log in as a media agency, a company, or an individual, select a category and then choose text only, text with image, or upload PDFs (ready-to-use). The system then determines the height based on the text, image, or document that has been uploaded. 

In the next step, users see the publishing options and a global overview of the costs. After choosing the medium, they click through to the publication date and the payment page. All advertisements – 'approved', 'concepts', and 'placed' – are saved to the archive. That way, they can easily be reused by duplicating them. 

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