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List of release notes - July 2023

Release notes Betty Blocks

Over the last month, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes of last month.

New features & improvements

  • Page component tree at the right-hand side of the canvas, read more
  • Updated Back office page template with more reconfigure options from the template, that enhances to make changes faster and easier. 
  • Updated Form components with an added Reconfigure option, that enhances to make changes faster and easier. 
  • Updated default settings on drop of new Form input components on canvas. The Label is now always placed above the input, and the Label itself is dynamically referencing the Property used (instead of static text).
  • The existing key bindings present when working with components on the canvas now also work when the treeview is opened, such as the key arrows for navigation and backspace to remove a component from the canvas.
  • Component names used in options are now dynamically updated when the component name changes afterwards.
  • Updated ​​Datetime input components that now send your client’s timezone data when submitting a form request to the server.
  • Updated default settings of Checkbox input components where the value now is initially set to false, where this was null.
  • Mass mutate: We have completed to support the following mutations; create, update and delete within the MassMutate step. The createOrUpdate mutation is still remaining.
  • Data sources: When using a Swagger file of your external data source like HighQ all described models are supported. Meaning that you don’t have to rewrite your Swagger file to add missing models.
  • Object property: The allowed values of the object property can be reordered.
  • Schema view: When creating a new model, the view will be navigated to the new model.
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  • Builders and users have a separate tab in the user management.


  • The refetch interaction resulted in an error at runtime when an image property was used in the background component option of Box components. 
  • Partial editor in some cases crashed when opening the data tab after page reload
  • Drag and drop in the new treeview could not be done when returning from an action.
  • When an end-user was logged in with the Internal Authentication Profile, he/she couldn’t use another Profile anymore because the data container returned an error.
  • Date and Datetime inputs were allowing the value option to use formatting, where this is not expected.
  • Keypress up and down when page content was greater than viewport made the page do scrolling.
  • Multi autocomplete component was not submitting the form with the selected value on change, instead, it submitted the value before the change.
  • Date input component was not submitting the form with the selected value on change, instead, it submitted the value before the change.
  • The set current record interaction was not working when using the on action success event on (create/update)form component. 
  • Clear file upload interaction was not clearing the input in some cases.
  • Create page flow based on the back office template failed when the chosen data model contained a Date expression model property.
  • Tabs component was not showing child components on render in the Page builder design time. 
  • Checkboxgroup component triggered the on change event while rendering a page.
  • Checkboxgroup component triggered the on change event after refetch of the upper forms or data container. 
  • Canceling a component name change via the [x] in the input on top of the options sidebar was not actually canceling it. The changes were being saved nonetheless.
  • DateTime property does not get converted into local timezone in mutations anymore
My Betty Blocks
  • Email in user profile settings is now required to prevent accidentally removing it.
  • Switching the application to a different organization no longer results in incorrect roles and permissions.

That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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