Platform Update: Sandbox Merger and Authentication Overhaul

Things are changing in our latest platform update. You may remember how our Builder Bar overhaul made certain features more accessible for citizen developers . . . now we’re turning our attention to the developer side of things. Yes, we haven’t forgotten about our IT pros and the development team has been working hard to incorporate your feedback. 

We've already communicated upcoming details to existing users in the past, but with this release, we're not one step, but quite a few steps closer to our goal. So let’s jump right into the changes, shall we?


Application / Sandbox overview

Keeping a good overview of your applications and sandboxes should never be a challenge. Especially when you start scaling up your innovation efforts. So, the ‘My Betty Blocks’ interface has been completely rebuilt and designed to help developers keep tabs of organizations, applications, and the sandboxes within them. Most of the changes here are design based but we’ll get to the performance-enhancing changes next.

For now, users can still switch between both versions while they get used to the new interface. However, we’re confident that users will feel more in control thanks to these changes.


Merger function update

Developing high-quality applications requires a lot of testing, re-designing, and implementing changes over time. Since developers don’t want to change the live version right away, it’s important that our sandboxes are effective and can be painlessly deployed further into the development phases. 

This is why the team at Betty Blocks has worked extremely hard on the latest merger function version. Fine tuning the process has improved performance when implementing large scale changes. Just how much of a difference does the overhaul make? Large scale applications can now move between sandboxes up to 90% faster than in the previous version!

It's been a while since we started using the new merge mechanic, which until now, was only available to a selection of applications. We're happy to say everybody can start using the new merger! Coupled with a shiny new interface, developers will have a much faster, easier time optimizing their solutions.

New authentication system

Don't worry, your user data is (still) safe with us. When accessing the new interface, you'll be prompted to log in (again), but this time through our all-new login mechanic. You'll still use your same account, it just looks a bit fancier and enables us to manage everything much better. For now, it's only required for the new interface, but will be expanded throughout the entire platform in the future.


This new authentication system is powered by FusionAuth which offers much more powerful integration options for us and users. In the coming updates, FusionAuth will enable some extra quality of life and security features, including social media logins and a powerful 2-factor authentication protocol.

Test drive these features yourself

If you’re curious about how this all comes together in the no-code development process, then get in touch with us to schedule a personalized demo. Just tell us what you’re interested in seeing (or your specific application idea) and our team will walk you through a live demonstration and answer all your questions about Betty Block’s platform.

Until the next update! Cheers

The Developer's Manual of the Betty Blocks Platform