Nafite: Now a Betty Blocks’ Premium Partner

They develop new products, are masters in using the Betty Blocks platform and have a team of enthusiastic experts on board. We’re very proud to introduce Nafite as our new Premium Partner! 

In just a year and a half, the team of Nafite have become Betty Blocks experts, with a lot of experience in developing advanced solutions. “We started with just two of us, but now we work with eight colleagues who are all certified. We work on innovative applications for clients, but we also like to develop our own solutions that we can link to existing platforms, or with which we can replace these platforms flexibly,” founder Timon van den Berg explains. 

Link for Shopify 

One of the solutions Nafite developed was for Karhu, an international shoe brand. Recently the organization switched from Magento to Shopify and launched twelve e-commerce environments (to ensure the best customer experience in terms of language, currency, etc.), in different places around the world. These individual environments supported international growth, but a clear overview was lacking. The Nafite team solved this by connecting the shops, using the Betty Blocks platform. “Using the application we’ve developed with Betty Blocks, our colleagues at Karhu can manage all shops from one central point,” Timon says. “They can also determine the rates, enter global discount codes and use a central database that also runs a Power BI solution.” 

The choice for a no-code platform 

Johan discovered the benefits of low-code and no-code a few years ago. He saw an opportunity and immersed himself in various platforms. Betty Blocks came out best because of the platform’s accessibility and endless possibilities. He immediately rang Timon - who was traveling the world at the time - about the opportunity that was right in front of them. As soon as Timon returned to Dutch soil, they started working with the Betty Blocks platform. With great success: Nafite may now call themselves Premium Partner. 

Application for BSB’s distribution processes 

Nafite’s goal? Timon and Johan expect to keep growing the business in the coming years and find more Betty Blocks-developers who are keen to work on international projects, or, for example, the tool they recently developed for BSB. This is the largest drinks distribution point in The Netherlands, from where mainly craft beers are traded. BSB is responsible for around 7% of the entire Dutch market. Dozens of trucks filled with empty bottles from various breweries arrive at the distribution centre every day, and sorting and registering these bottles used to be a largely manual process. Thanks to the application that Nafite developed with the Betty Blocks platform, the process has been digitalized completely. BSB now knows exactly how many return shipments came in and what can be collected by the breweries. 


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