Itho Daalderop Chooses Betty Blocks No-Code Platform to Renew IT Landscape

Indoor Climate Solutions Company takes on digital transformation with high-productivity platform to build multiple applications for more efficient internal operations and improved customer experience.

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PRESS RELEASE: The Netherlands - 4 September 2018 - Betty Blocks, the leading no-code application development platform provider, today announced that Dutch indoor climate systems supplier, Itho Daalderop has chosen the no-code platform to build a series of innovative applications that will replace the majority of their legacy applications. As more organizations are seeking faster methods to achieve digital transformation, adopting the Betty Blocks platform enables the company to streamline work processes and improve service to customers.

“In the company, maintaining and making changes to our application infrastructure is difficult and expensive,” Niek de Jong, Business Development Manager at Itho Daalderop, said. “At the moment, we have a lot of IT islands, and third parties are in control of much of our applications, while we want to be in control. We needed to make a strategic decision to centralize this.”

In order to resolve this, Itho Daalderop sought a partner that would provide the means to renovate their IT landscape. While many partners offer digital solutions developed by the traditional method of coding, Itho Daalderop was looking for a more innovative partner.

“We designed new architecture for how we want to form our future IT landscape,” de Jong said. “We searched for a partner to create this new system landscape. We talked to a lot of software suppliers and came across the option to have a no-code platform. With this platform, we can be more in control and we can bring application development closer to the business.

After evaluating multiple platforms, Itho Daalderop shortened their list down to two options: one “arrived” low-code supplier with a large market share and a ‘new kid on the block.’ After a Proof of Concept with both parties Itho Daalderop concluded that Betty Blocks provides the most suitable platform. Betty Blocks proved to offer the same functionality while being better in price and release management.

“It’s not just a new tool, it’s a change in the way we work,” de Jong said. “Our ambition is to build every application we need with Betty Blocks. We want to create an architecture where all business information will be in one layer, where we can gather all the important business information and product data. On top of that, the business should be able to create all applications necessary to service our customers. The layer is maintained by the central IT department and the customer-facing front end applications should be made and controlled by the business departments.

Betty Blocks’ partner QNH, will help Itho Daalderop to setup the Betty Blocks platform and make a quick start to build the first applications. By building in a collaborative way, the knowledge of the apps will be within Itho Daalderop own teams. In this way Itho Daalderop will be in control and can make fast adjustments to the applications in the future.

“This is a strategic move for the company,” de Jong said. “If we do this, we can react much faster to customer demands and developments in the market. Therefore, we are much more flexible. Because of the islands and different software partners, there are applications that we don’t know how are working. These are black boxes for us. With the Betty Blocks platform, we want to be much more in control. We know how the app is built, what the architecture is, and how to change the app ourselves, so ultimately we can act faster.”

With Betty Blocks, the business can use an innovative platform to further their innovation in a strategic way. Building applications with the high-productivity platform makes the development process faster and more flexible because instead of coding, apps are built through visual modelling. The business can have more influence and be involved in the entire app development process.

“It is necessary for organizations to undergo digital transformation,” Ralph Duin, Head of Sales at Betty Blocks, said. “Itho Daalderop exemplifies an innovative company that proactively seeks solutions to innovate from within. At Betty Blocks, we want to provide the means to build solutions faster and align the business and IT. These are key ingredients that no-code provides to truly innovate from within.”

About Itho Daalderop

Itho Daalderop is an innovative Dutch manufacturer that provides homeowners with efficient and effective living environment solutions. Itho Daalderop stands for innovative products and systems, which contribute to a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate. Together our products provide total systems that live energy-neutral - according to tomorrow’s climate requirements - already possible today. We strive to make people live, work and live more pleasantly - with a range that consists of heating, tap water, ventilation and control technology solutions. Visit Itho Daalderop at, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is the leading no-code high-productivity aPaaS provider in the world. As the only, truly no-code platform based in the cloud, Betty Blocks enables you to build complex, enterprise-grade applications efficiently and effectively. Recognized as a visionary, highly rated in user satisfaction on G2 Crowd and the first no-code hpaPaaS to earn an ISO certification, Betty Blocks is validating its vision, customer success and the security of its platform. As rapid as Betty Blocks makes application development, they are rapidly expanding internationally. They currently have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, US, UK, Japan and South Africa. Visit Betty Blocks at, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.