How Axaz strives to digitally transform The Nordics, using the Betty Blocks platform

Axaz, an IT company based in Norway and founded in May this year, helps companies to become more data-driven, agile and competitive in their market. We’ve recently launched a new partnership with them and spoke to them about their vision on no-code and the Betty Blocks platform. 

Digitally transform The Nordics 
Kim Jarno-Kristensen, CEO of Axaz, explains that the no-code market in Scandinavia is only starting to unfold. “In The Nordics there’s a lot of small and medium-sizes companies - there’s not that many big enterprises. That’s why we support the citizen development approach Betty Blocks facilitates.

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We see a lot of companies in The Nordics who don’t have the in-house skills or capacity to do all the development by themselves. If we can get them up to speed with Betty Blocks, that will definitely change. Overall, in The Nordics there’s a huge need for companies like ours, that help other businesses to take advantage of no-code solutions.” 

Why Betty Blocks 
“We have screened the market and looked into six, no-code solutions. We have evaluated the functionalities - the architecture, cloud nativeness, user-friendliness, agility, security, GDPR compliance, and so forth. We concluded that Betty Blocks would be the best solution for us as well as for helping clients and customers,”  Jarno-Kristensen continues. 

“Betty Blocks is very easy to work with. The UI is practical - you can show something to customers really fast and get feedback from them while you’re in the developing process. Changes can be made in a few clicks, so the platform supports working agile perfectly. Also, Betty Blocks can be integrated with many applications that customers already work with, which is a big plus.” 

Axaz’ vision for the future 
“We are a fairly new company, but our ambition is to grow fast. We are a challenger in the market: we challenge the larger IT companies by delivering services in a new, more modern and agile way. This really benefits clients, as we can offer better, faster and cheaper deliveries. It’s important to create value with our services for clients. And that’s what we do,” Jarno-Kristensen states. 

“We see other IT vendors that make implementations complex and expensive. We start small and then go bigger, so we can start to create value from an early stage in the process. And then, together with the client, we are open for new changes, new demands, and create value together during the journey. It’s quite a different business model than many businesses in The Nordics have today. We are currently based in Norway, and we aim to expand to Sweden and Denmark next year.” 

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